Potential Qualities Of A Man A Girl Wants To Marry: Although You Never Know What

Posted by Aadil Adil on December 20th, 2021

Sometimes I think it is better to be always friends than to be lovers. Love gives pain and it is all that increases the intensity of love too in which you with your lover want to be assimilated forever not to wake up again from this sweet slumber. 

For me I am always in confusion between love and friendship or you can blame the girls for keeping this confusion alive. The problem with me that I can’t go middle way, and there on the other side girls are busy in choosing their life partner, a potential one with whom they want to spend their whole life. 

What do you think when a girl marries a boy what they see in him? What do they want most in a guy whether financial capacity or love or just the right proportion of everything. Perhaps one could not say what a girl really wants in a man, and it differs individually drastically. The choice of a girl for a man is always romantically confusing. 

Although somewhere we think when women in today’s age are earning like their male partners, then why do they look in a man for financial stability or what do they prefer more; love or money? Most of the time a man with decent look and earning enough money liked by a wanted girl is a good choice to marry. 

But these days women are too ambitious and they don’t want to leverage their dreams for the sake of marriage. They want to live all up to what they have dreamt of. On the other hand to live comfortable life you need money more than love. And where the question of money comes, love is almost kicked out. After all it is a matter of life, and who would choose love over money? These days love is easily forgotten and breakups are a norm among all youth.

Hence here we are going to tell you what a girl sees in a potential partner when they want to marry one-

  • Yes, he must be financially stable, decent and good looking.

  • Easy to talk, humorist, funny and on the whole this depends on a girl like what she prefers.

  • Nicely dressed and groomed men are great in appeal.

  • Women like men in suits.

  • He must respect the choice of his life partner, respect her and give her space to grow.

  • Girls prefer men from the similar profession especially in the case of doctors, lawyers and engineers where work hours are busy.

  • A potential husband must have understanding and listen to his woman rather than yelling and de-motivating her every time.

  • And finally yes, she wants your love and loyalty because these are the virtues a girl falls for in a man.

Although the choice for a potential husband can vary from girls to girls and it is totally up to them what they like and what they not, what flaws of a potential husband they can ignore. It is just that they know only.

When I married my wife, I asked and told her everything about me. I hid nothing from her and she also. We are loyal towards each other and this what we promised when we finally agreed to marry. Just a few days back I celebrated my wife birthday near a beach in Goa and she loved it a lot because it was surprised party of which she wasn’t aware. I told some beautiful lines for her that includes fun too about her. 

By the way there are funny birthday messages and quotes for wife  are available on the internet and happybirthdayall that you can take idea of to coin yours or just take them and make them hear on the party night. Don’t worry they never know you have take them all from a website. 

We are living our life happily. And you must know what you want to express, you express to your girl whom you want to marry rather than hiding it for a long time.


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