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It can\'t be emphasised enough how important it is to get a caravan cover if you hold dear your vehicle from protecting your caravan from the harshness of rainy weather, dirt, and dust to being a great counter against dampness, mould and even burglaries.

Caravan covers are worth it, and here are the reasons why:

Protective shield

A caravan cover acts as a shield to protect your vehicle from a variety of outdoors and indoors nuisances. The most common reason to apply a caravan covers is to protect your vehicle from getting dirty due to the dust and dirt floating in the atmosphere. In case of a windy day, your vehicle is exposed to the tree branches and debris flying in the air that can lead to ugly scratches that can even strip the paint off your van. Apart from that, the more obvious reason for a cover if your caravan is outdoors is to protect it from the harmful environment.

Additionally, if your caravan is left outdoors for long periods in the same place, you will surely observe moss formation on the walls and roof of your caravan. Similarly, outdoors brings the nuisance of acidic bird droppings on your vehicle and should be dealt with within 2-3 days to avoid permanent damage to the paint and surface.

Protection from mould and dampness

Dampness is the ultimate foe of metal parts and woodwork. Therefore, you are strongly advised to avoid the presence of moisture seeping onto the surface of your caravan. It is also worth mentioning that a plastic cover or cloth should never be used to protect your vehicle as the water molecules will evaporate only to be trapped and accumulate underneath the covers, essentially damaging your vehicle.

A caravan cover comes equipped with several zippers at various angles. It is generally made of breathable material that allows for ventilation throughout, reducing the risk of moisture build-up and ultimately mould.

Visible protection

Caravan covers protect your vehicle from weather conditions and malicious lurkers such as burglars. These people do not necessarily plan out their targets but are known as opportunistic thefts. These burglars tend to look for easy targets that will require minimum planning and can be burglarised spontaneously. Caravan covers assist by hiding your vehicle and the attached expensive pieces of equipment, making it difficult for these thieves to analyse and target your vehicle. Covering your vehicle with caravan covers not only does it demotivate and avoid temptations of the thieves, but it can also act as an additional hurdle that these people will have to get over to inspect your caravan.

In the case of organised thieves that go around looking for caravans and note down their models and plate numbers, a caravan cover will prevent such thieves from adding your vehicle to their list of targets.


In essence, caravan covers are worth it if you want to protect your vehicle from natural as well as human hazards. Ensure to find the right caravan cover with zippers and breathable material for ventilation and ease of installation.

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