Gallium Nitride Market to Witness Huge Growth By 2031

Posted by BIS RSRCH on December 20th, 2021

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a very hard and mechanically stable wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor, as it has a hexagonal crystal structure. The critical factors of gallium nitride materials responsible for its adoption in the market are reliability, compact size, high efficiency, fast switching speed, low on-resistance, and high thermal conductivity. Gallium nitride is one of the emerging wide bandgap materials that is exponentially expediting in the semiconductor market. WBG material’s strengths and bottlenecks are strongly affecting the growth of its market-driving applications. Researchers and industry experts are harnessing this quality of WBG materials and integrating them with their application segments. Wide bandgap semiconductor materials are poised to pave the way for innovations and developments in the electronics industry.

Gallium nitride is unseating the vast market of silicon, upsurging the growth of the GaN materials market among the WBG materials. The silicon material market is widely used in power electronics, radio frequency (RF), and optoelectronics industries. The electronic industry is using large silicon (Si) wafers for integrations in electronic devices. The silicon industry has reached its theoretical limits of further improvement in the overall yield of semiconductor devices. Silicon wafer cost is ten times less than the GaN wafer, and this is the primary reason silicon devices still exist in the semiconductor industry. The GaN material overshadows the performance of Si materials driven by factors such as reduction in energy losses, ability to deal with high voltage operations, high operating frequency, and high-power density.

Giant players of the semiconductor industry are utilizing their resources and updating their conventional silicon-based devices with the new and more efficient technology in the market that is GaN technology. Companies are investing a huge amount of money in the research and development of gallium nitride epitaxy process and wafer fabrication to cut down the wafer cost and deliver a more latency-free epitaxy wafer to end users. Device manufacturing companies are utilizing GaN material to its full potential and are constantly working on developing innovative GaN-based modules and devices that can be used for energy-saving purposes with high efficiency at end use. Some of the companies are working on GaN-based wafers and using those wafers in their devices themselves. For instance, Cree, Inc. has its R&D center and fabricates its in-house wafers. The company uses these GaN epi wafers in its RF devices, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs).

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The high growth of gallium nitride can be attributed to the increasing demand from the consumer electronics industry and military and defense to offer a better efficiency rate and power consumption ratio for the next-generation devices. Additionally, the growth in the global production of gallium nitride devices across the world has also led to a significant rise in the demand for GaN materials.

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