Emerging Kitchen Design Trends

Posted by amrina alshaikh on December 21st, 2021


Food is an essential need of humans which makes kitchens the lifeline of every home. This is the place where we cook food for our souls. The kitchen is the place to create magic, spend quality time with loved ones, and create memories. Modern kitchens have improved in appearance and functionality due to recent advancements and innovations in interior design.

In current times, busy schedules and the desire for faster cooking methods have made smart modular kitchens the first choice. Beautiful designs, lighting, functional space, smart storage and appliances, modular kitchen cabinets, and a soothing environment is incorporated for a pleasant cooking experience. Here’s a look at some of the emerging kitchen design trends that are irresistible and super functional.

Modern And Elegant Wood Finish Kitchen

Wood finishing in homes never goes out of style. They look elegant and beautiful. Wood is a durable and strong material that gives an earthy touch to the kitchen. Storage cabinets are the most integral part of modern kitchens.  Modular kitchen cabinets with wood finishing elevate the look and enhance the cooking experience. 

Sleek Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen designs are the most trending designs. They incorporate the elements of the Scandinavian lifestyle that incorporate light muted colors and a clean look. The tall storage cabinets and modular storage cabinets look lustrous and help in keeping the kitchen clutter-free. The different designs include L-shaped, straight, or with a center island and large windows. 

Vintage Kitchen

Vintage kitchens use natural materials like wood, granite, and marble that enhance the aesthetic quality of the kitchen. Adding vintage elements like antiques, rustic lighting, and rustic modular storage cabinets gives an old-style retro feel to the kitchen. Adding floating shelves and tall kitchen storage towers enhances the functionality of the kitchen. 

Dark-Themed Kitchen Designs

Kitchens with dark accent walls and cabinets are trending as they create a sophisticated and cozy environment. The warm tones reduce the appearance of dirt and chips. Adding pops of colors or accents with natural plants enhances the overall look of the kitchen space. Dark storage cabinets with complementing backsplash styles improve the contrast and enhance the interior. Onyx black hinges with Terra black matt pull-outs bring out the best look on dark-themed storage cabinets. The Dark themed kitchen design combines the magic of darker colors with colorful accents screams luxury and sophistication. 

Colorful, Bold, and Bright Kitchen

Bright, colorful kitchens are emerging as the choice of many people. A colorful kitchen instantly lifts the mood. Bright yellow, fiery red, millennial pink, or radiant blue colors increase the level of happiness. Brilliant designs and colors make the kitchen look spacious. Adding graffiti walls and personalized picture frames also enhance the character of the space. Cooking becomes an exciting and pleasurable activity in such beautiful areas. 

Modern Kitchen with Center Islands

Working space is most essential in kitchen space. Adding a center island into your kitchen enhances the room, storage, and utility. The island serves multiple purposes as a working space or as an eating lounge. Adding modular storage cabinets along the center island keeps the kitchen clutter-free and functional. This kitchen design is most preferred in homes with large kitchen space. 

Kitchen with A Pantry

In recent times, the majority of people have had to work from home. Such conditions make it important to store additional pantry items. Tall pantry cupboards with storage cabinets have become a popular choice in modern kitchens. Pantry space reduces clutter and provides a dedicated place for food items. Good lighting and modular storage cabinets in the pantry make life easy while hunting for a midnight snack! [Read: Pantry Unit in Kitchen]

Kitchen spaces are most cherished as the majority of time is spent here. When the kitchen is both functional and beautiful, cooking becomes a pleasurable experience. With so many options, you can create the kitchen of your dreams while staying within your budget.

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