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Zhiyun stabilizer is a photographic stabilizer owned by Guilin Zhishen Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhiyun stabilizer can be an anti-shake product for photography equipment. It adopts a \\"honeycomb\\" closed source system, which includes the characteristics of fast response, strong stability, smoothness without cogging, and small perception angle. All three axes adopt noise reduction technology to make certain no noise during normal operation. The three-axis motor has large torque and small size, and can maintain normal operation even if it is not adjusted to a well balanced state.Hit on Zhiyun   to explore more about our services and sites. Hope you ll like our more services.


Zhiyun was once the very best market stabilizer in the field of camera stabilizers and mobile phone stabilizers due to the relatively high cost performance and original interactive design.

Zhiyun has the spirit of innovation. Take the focus ring on the existing stabilizer. Many brands didn\\'t dare to test this before, including mobile phone stabilizers and more in-depth control systems. But Zhiyun dares to take the first faltering step and can get a lot of results.

For a person who travels a lot, everytime he would go to an area, he will take part of that time period to visit nearby scenic spots and take photos for recording. Sometimes when I do want to take a photo at a certain scenic spot, I look for a passerby to bring it, and it is often unsatisfactory; using a selfie stick can quickly shake and cause the picture to be blurred; while using a cell phone stabilizer, even though picture is stable, it is not light in weight. Inconvenient to carry. Then we want a Zhiyun stabilizer, that is small, light and easy to carry, providing consumers with the best convenience.

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