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Posted by Health Heal on December 22nd, 2021

The ageing of the people leads to an upsurge in health care needs, especially among the elderly in-home support. To respond to this, support and hospitalization at home for seniors are solutions that make it possible to avoid a stay, sometimes long, in an establishment.

Home hospitalization allows seniors to benefit from appropriate care at home by providing particular technical, intensive or complex care. It guarantees continuity of care (7 days a week and 24 hours a day) in a familiar environment. So, here goes.

Home hospitalization for seniors: In what context?

Definition of senior home hospitalization

Home hospitalization makes it possible to shorten or even avoid a stay in a hospital establishment. A multidisciplinary team provides medical care for the senior patient under the direction of a coordinating doctor.

The notion of domicile is expansive since it covers personal domicile and collective accommodation establishments.

Home hospitalization for seniors: the conditions for implementation

Home hospitalization for seniors is accessible to an older adult whose state of health justifies it and who consent to this form of intervention. The device is put in place on the medical prescription of a hospital doctor or the attending physician.

The in home health care team always goes to the home beforehand to check whether the conditions for care are met there. If necessary, certain adjustments may be required, such as installing a medical bed.

The most frequent treatments

The most frequent treatments carried out in the context of a senior home hospitalization are palliative care and complex dressings. It may also be rehabilitation, post-surgical care, palliative care, chemotherapy or even pain related.

The implementation of home hospitalization

After setting up the therapeutic project, the coordinating doctor of the home hospitalization decides to set up home hospitalization. To finalize this implementation, one must formalize their agreement in writing and get their health insurance fund to accept the home hospitalization.

If this is the case, a social survey is carried out to determine whether your accommodation meets the conditions required to establish the in home health care. Your home must demonstrate good hygiene, and you must necessarily have a telephone.

The arrangement of your accommodation is assumed by the logistics service of the home hospitalization establishment, which makes the equipment available.

The final step in setting up the home hospitalization

For home hospitalization to benefit from the same status as hospitals and clinics, it must comply with stringent quality of care and safety obligations; in home health care is subject to the same safety obligations as other health establishments.

In addition, the family circle plays a vital role. Its mission is considered to be complementary to that of health professionals.

The advantages of home hospitalization for seniors

Home hospitalization for seniors offers undeniable advantages. The main benefit is being able to continue living in your home. You stay in an environment to which you are attached and familiar to you. For elderly patients, it allows:

• To respond to the growing need of the population to be treated at home

• Avoid the movement of patients (hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, etc.).

• To maintain the acts of their daily life

• To reduce the average length of stays in an establishment or even to avoid them

• To promote an individualized, multidimensional and interdisciplinary care plan.

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