Important Facts about Cybercrime in the UAE

Posted by Professionallawyer on December 23rd, 2021

Criminals are finding new ways to exploit technology. Cybercrime in the UAE is a growing threat, and everyone from individuals to companies and government offices can be a potential victim.  

What you need to know about cybercrime in the UAE?

Fortunately, the government has acted fast in light of the rising number of cases, imposing heavy penalties for anyone who uses computers as an instrument to commit illegal acts. The New UAE Cybercrime Law classifies cybercrime into five categories:

  • Economic crime, or highly organized crimes that use the most advanced technology and tools to commit cyberattacks
  • Terrorism, or cyberattacks that target a nation’s interests including its infrastructure, economy, and resources
  • Activism, or hacking to further an ideological agenda
  • Espionage, where an offender may try to obtain confidential information to gain commercial or political advantage
  • Warfare, or actions by a private or international organization attempting to damage or attack another nation via its computer system

Furthermore, the New UAE Cybercrime law has several notable provisions that underline the penalties and punishments one may face in the event of a violation:

  • Unauthorised access to an electronic site
    • An express fine not exceeding AED300 for accessing an electronic site without permission
    • A fine not exceeding AED750,000 or imprisonment of at least six months for changing, copying, deleting, disclosing, and publishing any data obtained without permission
    • A fine not exceeding AED1,500,000 or temporary imprisonment for obtaining data from the government or a financial trade or economic establishment 
  • Unlawful access to bank information
    • A fine not exceeding AED1,000,000 or imprisonment of at least six months for using bank information to obtain funds belonging to third parties
  • Defamation

oA fine not exceeding AED500,000 for insult or slander using an electronic site

As you can see, the UAE does not take cybercrime lightly. Victims may report any cyber attacks to their nearest police station. In addition, you can obtain help online via the following:

  • The Dubai police’s e-Crime website
  • The Abu Dhabi police’s Aman service
  • The My Safe Society mobile application

If you find yourself a victim of cybercrime in the UAE, contact a qualified criminal lawyer as soon as possible to determine the best course of action for your case!

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