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Posted by John Larson on December 23rd, 2021

It\'s not a secret that cryptocurrency has changed the lives of many in the world. Those who were in the game from as early as 2013 are multimillionaires several times over. Many have paid off debts or medical bills. And many have saved for college funds, among many other things. Many countries came late in the game due to obvious concerns. Afterall, many crypto exchanges haven\'t given them the opportunity to fully trust or not be skeptical. Not to mention their extreme volatility, insecure funding, insecure wallets and not-so-good liquidity makes it even harder for the common man. So what is the answer to tackle all these questions? The one and only — SCHOTEX.


A highly secure DeFi and token system based on the latest and ingenious Tokenomics. This DeFi token is a revolutionary, deflationary and community-driven token that provides people with passive rewards. Its ability to perform consistently and with aplomb is something that nobody else does. It aims to create a financial world that\'s governed by the people and served through utility and purpose.


1. The funding for $SCHOTEX is always locked. Which means that it is always backed by currency that keeps growing with each transaction. No one can touch it, including the team.
2. There\'s also no mint function that can be accessed by attackers. In other words, there is no honeypot to be hijacked by anyone without the minting facility.
3. 79% of the maximum allotted supply will be gradually burnt to keep everything in a clearer perspective.

And there is so, so much more!

\"There are no special privileges even for the Developers. We too have to go through Pancakeswap and buy $SCHOTEX just like everyone else. It is a 100% community-driven project with no Angel investors or crypto sharks involved to manipulate prices. There\'s no pre-sale or private sale. It\'s all YOU. It\'s not just our promise, it\'s our gift to you all\", said a developer at SCHOTEX.

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