Sharp edge And Soul Idea: Class & Ethnic background change vouchers

Posted by lily on May 6th, 2016

I want to suggest a new Blade & Soul gold background change voucher to get sold in your IM for on the same price as a new character slot coupon is.

This voucher would allow players to adjust their class one time per voucher applied. Players can only change on the class available thus to their race. (By way of example: A Jin Assassin Can adjust to a Jin Warlock, but a Jin Assassin canNOT change to your Jin Destroyer. )#)

So as to use the type change voucher, players will likely need to take off his or her weapon. They should be warned to take out any gems of their weapons before generating the change as they will no longer be able for you to equip their system. Once the class change have been made their expertise tree should change on the new class with none in the points contributed for you to any skill.

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