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IELTS is a language proficiency test based on the English Language. It is a test standard for students who are willing to apply for abroad learning in countries where proficiency in English is required. The English speaking countries allow students in their Universities based language tests like IELTS, TOEFL and others. IELTS is approved by around ninety thousand universities all over the world. Apart from college applications, IELTS supports students to enable their confidence and let them freely communicate with all kinds of circumstances. These tests are mainly beneficial for future career building on the international front as well.

Students who are enthusiastic about building a smooth career abroad can apply for the IELTS. These tests require attention and dedication on the students\' part.

Let us know about the structure of the test.

This test has specific criteria and tests format students need to understand before applying. Since it is a competitive test, students worldwide are required to score high in all the sections. The test is taken in four parts. 

  • The first part is listening. You can practice at your home by playing the recording once. You must improve your receptive capability.

  • The second part is reading. Students often consider this part a bit tricky. You must not use a dictionary before analysing your final answer. 

  • The third part is writing. This section has two tasks. The last task has more marks than the first. Hence, this requires time management skills and presentation. 

  • The final section is speaking. This includes five minutes on two or three topics, each familiar to the student. You must work on your fluency and pronunciation.

You can scan through several academic texts of IELTS to begin with, your preparation for this test. 


Each of the above-mentioned tasks will have to be finished within a fixed time. For the writing and reading section, students are given 60 minutes each. For the speaking section, students are given a total time of fifteen minutes and thirty minutes for the test\'s listening section. 


Here are some of the best islets Tips to improve your score.

Students can check on the following aspects of learning before applying for IELTS.

  • As an IELTS aspirant, you must concentrate on the detailed requirements of any particular assessment. This will enhance your knowledge and capability regarding the topic and will help you gain higher scores.

  • The utilisation and knowledge of English grammar are essential. You must have explicit knowledge about English grammar usage from smaller scale to larger-scale use of the language. You can take up many exams and short quizzes on grammar to sharpen your grammar skill.

  • You must carry out daily speaking and listening practise to make your English language skills better. Speaking practicals and listening to someone speaking formal English will help the preparation for IELTS effectively.

  • Daily practice reading of newspapers, novels, books and other educational formal blogs will help you with the reading section of the IELTS. Overcoming difficult pronunciation and tricky words requires specific attention to perfect the students\' skills.

  • It is essential to prepare a schedule or plan for all the students who are applying for IELTS. Sometimes students have limited time for the preparation of the tests before their application in college to fulfil. 

  • Many consultancies and organisations can help you overcome the confusion regarding a suitable centre for improving your IELTS skill. You can also approach many experts who provide training and coaching for IELTS aspirants. 

This test requires thoughtful study and utilisation skills of the language. Students must dedicate consistent time and hard work to this test. It is advised to scan through the previous years question papers of IELTS while preparing. You cannot rush the preparation. It needs time and a plan. You must handle some trusty materials while preparing. If a student gives four hours per day, it is adequate to score a considerable score in IELTS.

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