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London is a city famous among the abroad students because of its culture, landmarks, food, historic places and nightlife. It is among the most expensive cities to live in. It is a famous spot for students to visit and experience the colorful seasons.

 However, it can be tricky for international students to explore this expensive city with limited budget plans. Students must not miss the joyful, vibrant color and mood of the city. Here we have some suggested advice from experts regarding an international student\'s guide to free activities in London.

  •  As an international student, you can visit the local museums. London has many museums and galleries for students and tourists to visit. The city holds exhibitions and displays every day on science, history and culture. A student ca. Acquire a travel card or a cycle to explore these hubs of ancient learning and revolutionary movements of history. From ancient extinct animals to modern art, you will find all kinds of interesting items in these museums.

  • It is free to walk around the parks and outdoors of the city. You can face various weather changes such as sudden fog or non-stop rain in the city. You can also enjoy a sudden sunny day if you are lucky. Students are often seen having picnics near Hyde park or enjoying sports in the regent\'s park and other locations like St James Park or a primrose hill from where you can enjoy the local scenario and birds.

  • There are some specific landmarks in London City that students can visit without spending much, such as;

    • The big parliament houses

    • The famous tower of Big Ben

    • Towers bridge of London

    • St Paul\'s cathedral

    • The royal Buckingham palace

    • The famous Tate modern gallery

    • The London eye

These are some of the iconic cities to visit in London City. The entrance can be free, which makes it suitable for students. Even if the entrance has fees as a student, you can surely visit the place and admire it from the outdoors. The towers are mostly ionic at night because of the lighting.


  •  You can take frequent walks by the river banks of the Thames. It is the second-longest river in England. The river sources in Gloucestershire, and the mouth is near the North Sea, forming an estuary. Hence, you can easily enjoy the wide natural landscape by the banks of this river. There are no mountain lines in the city, but this river survives in the heart of this city among its hustle-bustle and monumental towers and buildings.

  • There is a famous spot for all kinds of performances on the street. The streets by the covenant part garden site one of the best performances of the time. From classical opera to modern many contemporary styles of musical performances can be heard. The place was formerly used as a vegetable market. Currently, the place is famous for its rich musical culture because of the Royal Opera. Students can also shop or window in the nearby street shops to spend their time and socialize.

Best ways to travel in London

  • Students can easily hire a cycle or a bike for two dollars. You can take the bike for rides and return it whenever you want to return.

  • Tubes or underground railways are also another cheap options for students to travel across the city and its nearby places. They have travel cards to take rides on these tubes.

  • You can also use the same card for conveying the bus rides across London. The city has many bus routes travelling across the city. Students can easily get an oyster card for using these rides for low expenses.

  • Walking is the best way to save on expenses. Walking can also maintain a student\'s health. Walking helps in admiring the natural beauty and the architecture of the city. Students must consider walking as an efficient way of passing their time in the city.

The city has nine stations and the busiest airport in the world. 

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