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Students from India are applying for MBA in large numbers. Some are opting for doing MBA or similar courses from abroad as well. GMAT is an essential competitive examination for MBA students. The MBA programs offered by the Universities and institutions require high GMAT scores for students to apply. About 75% of their effort gets used for GMAT scoring. 

After getting high scores in GMAT, a student becomes eligible for enrolling in MBA courses in most of the universities around the world. In this article, we map your options in Australia.

MBA without GMAT

Students can now apply for an MBA course without cracking the tricky GMAT examination. Even if you have applied, the GMAT rank will not interrupt your MBA program. Some Universities now have given access to students to enrol themselves into their MBA program without GMAT examination. Do not worry! Your future career or job opportunities will not be compromised in these well-known universities of Australia.

  • La Trobe University

Under this university, a student can select an MBA program without a GMAT. You must have some job experience in this field to make your scope of enrollment better. The University will offer you good research ways and internships at the end of the course. It is located in the fine city of Melbourne.

  • Deakin University

This university is appropriate for business academics and management studies. It has the top research team to guide you through your course. You will gain practical knowledge about the system. At the end of the course, as a student, you will be prepared for any professional situation in a particular field. You will be able to face it smoothly. It is also situated in Melbourne.

  • Curtin University

It is located in the warm beachside city of Perth. Students of MBA gain excellent practical knowledge and business skills in their program. The university has an enormous scope of quality experience programs and internships saved for students worldwide.

Students enjoy the open and accessible environment of the city as well.

  • Griffith University

This university mainly concerns twenty-first-century business skills to develop a student\'s Mind and thinking abilities regarding business. It builds a responsible leadership quality, business practices and an Asia-pacific viewpoint among its students. The educational policies of this institution are based on traditional business education. A student can build entrepreneur skills at the end of this course. It is located in Queensland.

  • University of Wollongong

This university offers practical knowledge any graduate requires to seek jobs and opportunities for their career. You can get access to job opportunities in Australia as well. The University offers courses in Sydney and Wollongong. They built up students\' employment skills through internships.

Many universities and institutions are tied with many business firms that create scopes for students to apply for a proper building of their knowledge and experience. This knowledge and expertise further help them to build a successful career in future. Some students can develop their contact in the business world via these firms to climb the stairs of success. Hence, you can consult any consultancy based in Delhi to choose the right institution for your MBA course. 


Eligibility criteria

The main factor that will ensure your enrollment in these universities of Australia will be your last bachelor degree grade and work experiences. The better, the best. Students are advised to gain experience in firms to enhance their knowledge about business sciences. Students are always advised to maintain a proof or certificate for the firm they may work for or apply right after graduation to support their CV for the application in these colleges. 

Affordable colleges

Sometimes the MBA programs can be overpriced for students to apply. Here are some of the affordable programs for MBA students in Australia. These programs are less costly as well as highly qualified for students\' benefit. Such as;

  • University of Newcastle

  • The University of Technology Sydney (UTS

  • Monash University

  • University of Western Sydney

The MBA programs in these universities\' costs range from twenty-six thousand to thirty-three thousand Australian dollars for two years of courses. Except for the University of Newcastle provides a one and a half program.

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