Operating Systems and Its History

Posted by Atto Infotech on December 24th, 2021

The IOS App Development in India talks about the lives of humans surrounded by all kinds of computers to an extent. But have we ever thought about how these computers work and how they came to life? In this article we are going to talk about the backbone of Computers aka Operating Systems.

The IOS App Development in India goes way back and talks about the history of system making. In 1956, General Motors decided to make an operating system for their IBM mainframe computer. Different owners followed suit, every OS made was different from one another. IBM was the first company to produce an OS and distribute it with their machines. Several companies such as Control Data Corporation and Computer Sciences Corporation sold their own variant of mainframe OS.

The IOS App Development in India also states that in the late 1960s, the main rendition of the Unix was produced. Written in C, and openly accessible amid it\'s most early years, Unix was effortlessly ported to new frameworks and quickly accomplished wide acknowledgment. Numerous advanced working frameworks, including Apple OS X and all Linux flavors, follow their underlying foundations back to Unix.

Microsoft Windows, as we know today, was made due to a request by IBM for their personal computers. To meet IBM\'s requirement, MS-DOS was developed by modifying the 86-DOS OS from Seattle Computer Products. The word Windows came into action when they produced a GUI and combined it with MS-DOS.

Several OS which are currently being used:


1. Android


Developed by Andy Rubin, otherwise known as \"Father of Android, along with Rich Miner and Nick Sears founded Android Inc. in 2003 which was later acquired by Google. It is a mobile OS based on the Kali Linux Kernel. It was released 10 years ago in the form of Android 1.0 and the latest version that came out 4 months ago is named \"Pie\".


2. iOS


Steve Jobs had an idea of shrinking the Mac which led to the fruition of the iPhone which was run on iPhone IOS which later came to be known as \"iOS\". From iPhone OS 1 to currently running iOS, Apple\'s iPhone has came a long way and it is globally renowned and it is one of the most selling phones. In the later years, iOS was also introduced to the redefined iPod Touch and iPad. Unlike Android, it is based on Unix but written in Swift (Language developed by Apple itself) and C language family.


3. Windows NT (Windows 10)


Latest and the last iteration of Windows NT family, Windows 10, was released in 2015, as the last Windows with a promise of frequent updates and changes to the OS. First version of this family \'Windows NT 3.1\' was released in 1993 as a successor to Windows 9 X families. Unlike the 9X, it was a 32-bit Windows for all Personal Computers. From Windows XP, 64-bit editions started being produced. It is written in C and C++ with a little bit of assembly language.



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