6 Guidelines To Follow For Website Usability

Posted by Mike on December 25th, 2021

The more the website is user-friendly, the more it will attract the audience. Therefore, to develop a website that is more usable and engaging, you need to focus on creating a user-centered web design. The process of making the usability of your website outstanding might be time taking or it can cause frustration, but the results you will reap will surely pay off.

It is beneficial if you know the guidelines before stepping into the work. When you clearly know what you have to do further, it will automatically reduce the potential stress. Also, there is a lesser risk of wasting your time and money if you just keep the guidelines in your mind from the beginning. This is why we are going to discuss some key guidelines regarding website usability in this article. Hence, you should contact an experienced Web Design Agency in Dubai that will focus on improving your website usability by practicing the basic guidelines.

6 Guidelines To Follow For Website Usability:

Now, let us explain these guidelines in detail so that you can properly follow them to improve your website usability:

  1. Design Process and Evaluation

You should only put the necessary content on your website and avoid loading it with the information and content that is not required.  It will hinder the performance of your website.

During the web design process, do look at the needs, choices, and expectations of the users. Finding out what your users want is very difficult. Here, is a little suggestion for you to take the feedback of the users through answering questions before starting your project. And then, design and evaluate your website according to it.

  1. Optimize The User Experience

Keep a consistent sequence of processes to increase the user experience and make your website credible. If users find a lot of pop-ups and unnecessary things on your website, it will not be credible to them, and they will leave your site.

If the site loading time is more than two or three seconds, let your users know for how long they are going to wait. It will build patience in them. You can optimize the user experience by supporting the users and providing them with the information they need.

  1. Enhance Website Accessibility

Your website should be accessible to all users. Use the assistive technology to provide text for all images, animations, maps, and other media. Make the plugins and applets accessible to everyone.

Being a website owner, it is your responsibility that your website is accessible to everyone, even though the users have abilities and disabilities. You need to accomplish this goal to make your website user-friendly.

  1. Hardware And Software Compatibility

Your website should be compatible with the other websites. For sure, if other websites are more user-friendly, the customers will shift to those sites. The software helps the users to update, adjust, and work on the site according to the users’ needs.

However, the data of the users is stored on the external hardware, but there is also the risk of losing the data without backup. So, use the software that can back up the information of the users.

  1. Easy Navigation

The users use different buttons on your website. So, make sure all the buttons work with great speed and properly. Also, the labels on all the tabs are readable so that your users know what they are pressing.

Keep the sidebars separate and put your navigation in a standard place. Fix your navigation bars so that the users can scroll up and down without any difficulty. Hard navigation affects the usability of your website.

  1. Usability Testing

Testing the usability of your website is a great step you should take. It tells you where your website lacks. It encourages you to improve the working of your website and to make it more usable.

Get the feedback of the users about the site quality and performance and gather all the data to see the weak points of your site. The more time you take the usability test, the more information you will get. It will help you make improvements to your website.

Winding Up!

There is no doubt that good website usability attracts more users because it makes your site easy to use and also provides complete support to the users. Build trust and confidence in the users by improving your website usability. Nevertheless, you can get in touch with a skillful web design company (ADWEBSTUDIO) to create a user-friendly website.

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