Moving in at Christmas Doesn't Have To Be Crazy!

Posted by Dashflatpoker on December 25th, 2021

These holidays are already a headache enough to add a moving process ... Although it is true, many of the clients who have moved at Christmas, say that despite not being the ideal time, this process is not impossible to do At this time of year.

 Today in the blog we have compiled a series of very useful recommendations in case you are preparing to make a move at Christmas. Remember: It doesn\'t have to be crazy!

 Useful recommendations to carry out a move at Christmas

 1. Be aware of the store hours at Christmas

 With all the things to do when moving house, it\'s easy to forget to buy food for the evening or the next day. You may even miss buying Christmas Eve or Christmas food ... First of all, you have to bear in mind that the opening hours of stores vary at this time of year. It is not at all strange to find everything closed at five in the afternoon on Christmas Eve (for example). Our number one tip is to make sure you plan your lunch or dinner in advance (especially on the most important days). This year you will not be able to cook, so ask your moving company or new neighbors for a recommendation of a place to buy prepared food.

 2. Start early

 Darkness looms with the arrival of winter, so try to get to your new home before the light fades. Nonetheless, a good flashlight or torch is worth having on hand (just in case). In addition, the earlier you arrive, the less chance there is that the roads and paths will be icy and the sooner you can turn on the heating to be warm.

 3. Check the forecast

 If you move house at Christmas it  is important that you check the weather forecast and plan ahead. We recommend that you have warm clothing on hand and take special care with pets and plants. If the weather is very bad, be prepared to protect yourself from rain and other phenomena.

 4. Pack a box with Christmas things 

 When packing your belongings, it is very important to label the boxes. If you make the  move at Christmas , it is recommended that you pack and label a box with exclusive Christmas things (decoration, special tableware and table linens, etc.) If you leave all the necessary Christmas accessories in said box, when you get to the new home it will be very easy acclimate the house to the dates in which you are.

 5. Contact public service providers

 Make sure to inform your new gas, electric and water providers that you will be moving house, otherwise you could run out of colored lights on the tree!

 6. Book in advance

 Once you have set the date for your move at Christmas, we advise you to book your Local Moving Services in NYC. As is the case in companies in other sectors, moving companies may have a staff reduction during the Christmas season, thus making the transfer for the selected date more complicated.


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