What is the best app in India to maintain accounting for your business?

Posted by digichal on December 28th, 2021

Businesses that have not yet adopted Digital Khata, may experience challenges in accounting. Managing udhaar or sales records manually is the biggest challenge that they face.

The longer they take to understand the benefits of the digital khata app, the more time and money they are investing in the most non-productive role as a business owner. Some might even hire accountants or tally executives for the job. 

The fear of investing in technology is common among business owners, especially in small businesses where resources are limited. It\'s important for them to understand that adopting better technology and using a digital khata app not only saves their time but also helps save them money. 


When we speak of the best app that helps business owners manage their accounting for their business, the one that has the following features comes to mind.


  • Easy to operate - It doesn\'t require being a technology expert to save information. It should be simple to enter and retrieve information.

  • Easy to access - One of the most common challenges faced in managing manual bahi khatas is it is difficult to fetch information from them. One has to manually look into each register if they need any information. An app that offers expense digital khata app helps to get information anytime and anywhere on their smartphones or laptops.

  • Saves time: Whether it is sales or credit records, the process is much faster than manually pulling up information. Reports are generated in a single click as well.

  • Saves money - Tax returns can be prepared without hiring an accountant or someone who knows the tally. As an added bonus, one does not need to employ a tally executive to keep your financials up to date. All the costs paid to maintain the financial transactions of the business using a tally can be invested in the business growth.


Digichal is one of the best digital khata business apps in India that assists business owners, regardless of their business size, in managing their accounting for their business efficiently and cost-effectively.


They offer a platform in which the sales and udhaar records can be entered and retrieved easily. Their app is safe and reliable too. The digital format of data ensures that it will never be lost or damaged. In addition to Digichal\'s features of the digital khata business app, it also possesses the functionality of the digital dukaan online

The days of manually recording accounting transactions are long gone. Having to bury oneself under piles of paperwork once was a common sight among business owners. It’s time to embrace technology and embrace the Digichal digital khata app.

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