Exposing 4 Myths Regarding Professional Lead Paint Testing

Posted by newyorklead on December 28th, 2021

Many homeowners nowadays arrange for lead testing once they buy an old property where the pains can contain lead. But if you have purchased an old house with a fresh coat of paints, you will be smart enough to know that the legal regulations bar the use of lead in present-day paints. So you won\'t waste money on the tests. But are you doing the right thing for sure? Well, the myths may force you to commit mistakes leading to serious health hazards. So it is time to know the myths and facts to stay safe. 


Myth #1: Lead is no longer a concern

The previous homeowner said that the house recently received a fresh coat of paint. When you inspect the home thoroughly, you will quickly notice that the paint is recent. Of course, the present paint manufacturers do not use lead in the paints. But what if there are trace remains of paint chips below the fresh coats? Or what if there is lead dust present somewhere that came out during the previous painting session? The Lead Paint Testing will be the appropriate solution to such issues. 

Myth #2: Removal is the only solution

Do you think the lead removal companies perform many tests to determine the presence of lead and the extent of contamination? It is to determine whether removal is the only solution. Sometimes, the lead presence is in minute amount. Even if the experienced professionals from the best Lead Abatement Company come for removal, there will be a chance to chip off the paint, and then the lead will be in dust form, posing a much higher threat than it can now. So the professional can tell you whether removal is necessary or is it best idea t9o keep it in undisturbed form. 

Myth #3: vacuum cleaner is not the solution

Now that all of you are so familiar with the masks, some of you may think that a mask and a vacuum cleaner are the stuff you need to remove lead safely. But on discussing with the Lead Paint Testing team, you will learn that the musk cannot provide enough shield to filter the lead dust. So you will be at risk of lead poisoning. Furthermore, a regular vacuum cleaner is not a piece of equipment for removing lead paint chips. On the contrary, it will draw more dust into the air, enhancing the risk. 

Myth #4: Visible detection is possible

If it were possible to detect the presence of lead by looking at the paint, then the companies would never invest money in buying the special tools and equipment for tests. In many cases, the presence of non-lead-based paint on the lead-based paint makes it more difficult for detection. Still, the professionals can do the job using specific tools. 

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