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Posted by Avijit on August 18th, 2010

What is spyware? The name suggests ? it is a malware, which works like a spy. Means that
malicious software can track your personal, organizational and other sensitive information
and send them to its developer.  Spywares installed in your computer without your
permission and modify the system settings and make difficult to revert back your system
settings in original state.

Infection of spyware may cause your computer run very slow, open annoying pop ups, change
on your home page, attach unnecessary files and many more? it is very difficult to detect a

It is recommended that, use an anti-spyware program to detect and remove that malicious
software. Anti-spyware software comes with two different flavors ? commercials and
freeware. Here is a small list of most popular and free anti-spyware ?

?    Spybot Search And Destroy
?    SuperAntiSpyware
?    Malwarebyte?s anti-malware

Spybot search and destroy is the most popular and trusted anti-malware, anti-adware and
anti-spyware. It is not only detect those malicious softwares but also it can remove your
web uses tracks. This software comes with an advanced file shredder, using this you can
completely delete any files securely. The main features of Spybot search and destroy are ?
it can detect key loggers, updateable malicious software database, fix registry
inconsistencies, cookie blocking, command line access, weekly updates permanent deletion of malicious software.  But during installation process it need Internet connection to
download the other files for its server. The current version of this software is ? 1.6.2.

SuperAntiSpyware is a very powerful anti-spyware program. Currently it can remove ?
Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Hijackers and other malicious softwares. It has ability to custom
scanning, detect and remove malicious softwares, quick and complete scan features and many more? the current version of the software is ? 4.41.1000. size ? 8.73MB.

Malwarebyte?s anti-malware is yet another powerful and easy to use anti-malware program. It
is a very simple and effective anti-malware software which offers ? lightning fast
scanning, support for windows Vista /XP and windows 7, ability to scan all drives, regular
updates, multi-lingual support, command line support and many more. The current version of
the software is ? 1.46. Size ? 5.87MB.

Anti-spyware program not only secure you from malicious softwares but also it prevent your
possible data loose after infection. Hopefully the best way to combat with Spywares is ?
use anti-spyware. Keep in mind that, like other anti-virus softwares, anti-malwares need
regular updates for best results.

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