Alfa Chemistry Microfluidics: Transform Amazing Microfluidics Idea into Reality

Posted by Tylor on December 30th, 2021

The past decade has seen microfluidics as a distinct new area of research, which found widespread applications in chemistry, biology, medicine, physical sciences as well as many other fields. Being an active player in the biotechnology industry, Alfa Chemistry recently launches a sub-website specially focusing on microfluidics research. The products and services provided are aiming to transform clients’ amazing microfluidics ideas into reality.

Microfluidics is the technology to manipulate fluids in channels with dimensions of tens of micrometres, which has the potential to influence areas from chemical synthesis and biological analysis to optics and information technology.

To help address challenges arising from the process of conducting microfluidics research, Alfa Chemistry’s microfluidics R&D team fully taps imagination and ingenuity and spares no effort to develop new, first-class fluid products and services to meet the industry demands, offering effective yet feasible solutions for drug encapsulation, single cell and organoid synthesis and many other possible applications.

The products provided at Alfa Chemistry Microfluidics:

Consumables and Accessories, which further include: general accessories, handling frames, kits, microfluidic connection, microfluidic reservoirs, needles & couplers, storage and transport boxes, syringes.

Specialist Chemicals and Materials, which further include: substrate materials and chemical series (general oil reagents, surfactants, assay reagents, dyes, and lubricants).

Microfluidics Devices, which further include: chip holders, glass chips, microfluidics polymer chips as well as other functional chips.

Flow Control, which further include: pumps, sensors, valves, and other instruments. All are used to support microfluidic experiment procedures.

The services Offered by Alfa Chemistry Microfluidics:

Contract Manufacturing

With core expertise, Alfa Chemistry’s contract manufacturing branch is capable of manufacturing microfluidic devices made of various material systems. The materials used for microfluidic chip manufacturing include: polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), thermoplastic, and glass PDMS.

Prototype Fabrication

It is important to quickly and efficiently manufacture microfluidic designs for manufacturers so that they can proceed to the next iteration. Fully aware of this, Alfa Chemistry provides professional prototyping services to fabricate microfluidic devices.

Custom Design

Alfa Chemistry offers custom design solutions for customers who need microfluidic labs to conduct microfluidics research. A wide range of customized products for flow control and fluid handling are developed, aiming to help customers fulfill their designs from concept to prototype to production.

Product Development

Alfa Chemistry works together with clients to develop products or improve existing market products through DFM optimization. With expertise in the analysis, development, and translation of molecular, cellular, and immunological applications (including PCR, antibody coupling, cell culture, reagent spotting), the company can help improve manufacturability and reduce costs throughout the whole process of product development.

On-chip Functionalities

Alfa Chemistry provides customers with on-chip functional solutions, including flow control, sample preparation, surface modification, as well as reagent integration, to support their microfluidic research in fields like medicine, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Microfluidic Chip Solutions

Based on the many advantages of microfluidic devices, at Alfa Chemistry there are a variety of microfluidic chip solutions to support various aspects of research.

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About Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry is a global leader in the field of microfluidics, bringing optofluidic paths to life with strategic partnerships, rich product types and breakthrough solutions. Its outstanding microfluidic experts are aiming to address problems and challenges emerging throughout the process of microfluidics research. Via tremendous efforts, the company will help shape the future of microfluidic technology and continue to open up boundaries to find new and better ways to solve scientific problems.

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