Alfa Chemistry Launches a Series of Graphene Materials

Posted by Tylor on December 30th, 2021

Graphene has been established as one of the most influential materials on earth and its discovery won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. Having a wealth of expert knowledge in the field of graphene, Alfa Chemistry today announces the launch of a diversified graphene series for researchers from both scientific and industrial communities. Previously the company has already released a rich collection of graphene-related products and solutions.

Graphene is the thinnest, strongest and lightest material yet with incredible strength and elasticity. “The past decade witnessed the huge prospects of graphene in materials science, energy, and biomedicine. Their excellent optical, electrical, and mechanical properties have brought infinite possibilities. For example, graphene helps many electronic products and batteries to achieve better performance,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry.

Considering the popularity of graphene among companies and research laboratories around the world, Alfa Chemistry decides to release a series of graphene materials for their convenience of product searching and purchase, which cover the following types:


The biographene provided by Alfa Chemistry is affordable and can be used in a variety of biological scenarios, for example, to enhance performance of biosensors, bioelectronics and bioassays.

Coating Series

Based on graphene nanoparticles, Alfa Chemistry provides a series of coatings, including anti-scratch coating, conductivity agent and graphene coatings, to help improve thermophysical properties.

Doped Graphene

The doped graphene exhibits more fascinating optical/electronic properties.  Alfa Chemistry offers boron-doped graphene, co-doped graphene, nitrogen-doped graphene, phosphorus-doped graphene and sulfur-doped graphene.

Functionalized Graphene

Functionalized graphene has good application prospects in the fields of polymer composite materials, photoelectric functional materials and devices, and biomedicine. The functionalized graphene provided at Alfa Chemistry are:  alkylamine functionalized graphene, aminated graphene, carboxylgraphene, fluorinated Graphene, hydroxyl functionalized graphene and silane modified graphene.

Graphene and Graphene Oxide

Alfa Chemistry offers varieties of graphene and graphene oxide, which encompasses aerogel, graphene dispersion, graphene FET chip, graphene film, graphene nanocomposite, graphene nanomaterials, graphene nanoplatelets, graphene oxide, graphene paper, graphene powder, graphene sheets, mechanically exfoliated single crystal graphene, reduced graphene oxide and single layer graphene.


Alfa Chemistry offers a wide selection of graphite products, including: kish graphite, high crystallinity natural graphite, nano graphite, fluorinated graphite, graphite dispersion, etc.

Ink Series

Graphene has been used in many applications in printed electronics, including chemical and thermal sensors, miniature supercapacitors and thin film transistors. At Alfa Chemistry, conductive ink, graphene ink and hybrid ink are available.

All graphene products at Alfa Chemistry have passed the strict quality control system and hence are broadly trusted by consumers worldwide. Visit or just email us for more details about Alfa Chemistry’s wide offering of graphene-related products.

About Alfa Chemistry

Novel materials are the cornerstones for development. Alfa Chemistry has a team of experts who keep close eye on the current promising materials that have huge potential. Graphene is among such materials. Through years of research and innovation, the company not only focuses on the production of graphene, but also provides customization, modification and analysis services to help customers commercialize graphene products to be used in batteries, conductors, electronics and medicine.

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