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Posted by kamal on December 30th, 2021

Human beings are susceptible to a variety of illnesses and diseases and though new ones keep cropping up due to changes in our daily lives and habits, fortunately we have medical facilities that are on a far higher scale than ever before.

Despite the progressive developments of the 21st century however, there are still diseases such as cancer and HIV that have not found a permanent cure which is an indicator of how much further we really have to go. One of the most useful breakthroughs in the medical field has to be the advent of health screenings, as they have had the potential of detecting illnesses early thereby enabling us to administer treatment as soon as possible.


Simply put, health screening is a method for early detection and treatment of illness and disease. They involve a series of tests that are carried out by your doctor which are done to specifically look for any abnormalities. There are an astounding number of people who are walking around with problems of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes without knowing it. These are serious conditions as they can lead to life-threatening situations such as heart-attacks and stroke which can consequently end in paralysis or death. There are a series of examinations that are typically meted out depending on where you go and if you would like to get another done that is not on the existing list, you can speak with your doctor and have it added on. Furthermore, you can also look as gender specific tests such as mammograms and testicular examinations. If you happen to visit the country and are feeling a bit out of sorts, there are plenty of Health & Wellness Advocate and other parts of the U.A.E.


There are certain complications that arise in people as they progress with age, however health screenings are not meant for elderly people or people who are sick per se. In fact, it is more important for perfectly healthy people who display no symptoms of illness whatsoever to go for regular check-ups as it is only then any dormant issues can be rectified or at the very least brought to light. To give you an idea of how it would work generally, if you are getting checked for high blood pressure, the average age is 40 years and above and would need to go in once every year. For high blood cholesterol the age range is once again in the same bracket and the frequency of testing is once every 3 years unless otherwise advised by your doctor. As everyone\'s medical situation differs, you should not follow a generic timeline, but instead go by your doctor\'s advice at Professional Clinical Service.


Health Screening Services specifically, and some other parts of the world are now a necessary measure in companies. Employers are beginning to realize that employees who harbour undetected diseases are not only unproductive but also at risk of losing their health. In a bid to combat both these issues, these health screenings are now paid for and carried out by companies that have implemented this procedure and with great results. Employee productivity has been reported to have increased as well as their motivation in the company caring for them.

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