5 Cleaning Essentials That You Shouldn't Forget To Keep At Home

Posted by shivam pandey on December 30th, 2021

2021 has been a slightly better year for us compared to the last. We have evidently made it past the worst blows of the pandemic. For most parts, both these years seem to have heavily influenced our personal hygiene instincts. With the advent of a deadly virus, we now know the use of sanitizers and hand washes better than we ever did. 

Noticeably enough, the attention to tidy surroundings has also seen the surges since the virus dropped by. Commercial establishments and domestic households have all turned to keeping cleaning materials and equipment stocked. In the light of that, there are some absolute essentials every household really needs to have when it comes to cleaning equipment. 

We have come way past the traditional rag and a bucket of water. Here are 5 essential cleaning equipment that you absolutely can\'t afford to forget about. 

  1. Window Squeegees 

Chances are that you may be unfamiliar with this one, but take our word for it, the window squeegees are a lifesaver. Window squeegees clean glass surfaces way better than a damp cloth can. Window squeegees come with different suction attachments which you can set as per convenience. Window Squeegees are multipurpose. For example, you can keep a squeegee in your shower to clean up the foam scum on the tile.

  1. Floor Mops / Squeegees

Regular mops are a basic in the list while floor squeegees are just window squeegees designed for floors. Floor mops should grace every household, armed with a bucket. This is the classic duo that has been shining up households throughout the ages. However, remember not to use your window squeegee to clean your floor. Even though they might look similar, using one piece of equipment in multiple places will only make the house dirtier. 

  1. Pair of Rubber Gloves 

You should use these to do most of the cleaning. Whether you\'re using a squeegee or doing the dishes, put a pair of gloves on. Rubber gloves keep your hands from the harsh chemicals used in cleaning detergents. More importantly, it\'s vital that you do not come in physical contact with any harmful germs that might be present on outside surfaces. 

  1. Dust Brushes 

Dust Brushes are handy essentials for dusting. Keep one for flat surfaces that are easy to reach. Keep a second dust brush that is convenient for cleaning corners, narrow spaces, etc. Remember to also dust the dust brush after each use before you use it again. We don\'t want the previous batch of dirt hanging around in the house. 

  1. Toilet Cleaning Brush

Toilet Cleaning Brushes are probably the most important ones in the list. No, you cannot replace this with a squeegee or a regular mopstick. Keep a toilet cleaning brush handy always and remember to use it often. Remember to replace the brush in frequent intervals. It\'s not one of the cleanest objects in your house. 

That would conclude the list of 5 essential cleaning equipment you need to have in your household. It\'s very important to keep all your equipment sorted for separate purposes. A window squeegee shouldn\'t be wiping the kitchen floor and a regular mop should not replace the window squeegee or end up in your washroom. Remember to keep your surroundings clean and yourself safe and healthy. 


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