Are Dental Implants a Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth?

Posted by Lucy petterson on December 30th, 2021

Losing a tooth might make people feel too self-conscious to smile or talk in public. Plus, the biting irregularities that come with tooth loss can have a negative effect on your eating habits which can lead to secondary health problems like malnutrition. That\'s why if you have a missing tooth, the best option for you is to get a permanent tooth replacement option that looks and works just like your other natural teeth. 

Dental implants in South East London are one of the more common solutions for a missing tooth today. Basically, a dental implant is a metal post surgically placed in the jawbone. It is then attached to a crown, bridge, or denture for a seamless appearance and comfortable fit. However, the reason behind why you need to opt for dental implants is that the solution is as permanent as you can get and the Implants look very similar to your original teeth. Also, keep reading if you want to know more about dental implants and want to find out if it\'s right for you or if it\'s the permanent solution for missing teeth.

Are dental implants permanent?

Many patients have this question about whether their dental implants are permanent or not. The good news is: dental implants are designed in such a way that, if you take good care of them and clean them properly it may be a permanent solution for your missing tooth. Besides, dental implants in South East London can restore a single tooth, several teeth, or a full arch based on each patient’s needs. And the best thing about implants is that they can be easily cleaned just like your natural tooth with daily brushing and flossing, as well as routine care from a skilled dentist. But you need to keep in mind that implant dentistry is not suitable for patients who have certain medical conditions, use tobacco products, or for pregnant ladies.

Best timing for dental implant placement

Usually, the best time for you to get your dental implant in South East London is as soon as possible after your tooth loss. You shouldn\'t wait more than six months after losing a tooth, or series of teeth to start the treatment. Of course, dental implants can be placed any time after tooth loss but considering other factors it may determine resulting in bone loss. Also, the longer you wait the more are the chances for your bone loss and the more complex your dental implant procedure will get. Therefore, it\'s better that you take immediate action as it will definitely increase the odds of success with your dental implant procedure.

Dental implant treatments

Basically, dental implants treatments are of two types, Single-tooth implants and Multiple tooth implants or denture implants. 

1 - Single-tooth implant

Dental implants in South East London are the best option available for individuals with a single missing tooth. The implant behaves like a root and makes sure that the jawbone stays intact. It also ensures that the remaining teeth stay aligned and in the same place. Since there is no need for support from surrounding teeth, your smile will remain natural.

2 - Multiple tooth implants or denture implants

Today you can easily get implants for multiple or all your teeth. But if you have to replace all your teeth, you need an implant-supported full denture option because this ensures that your dentures have a proper foundation. And it also reduces the chances of discomfort and dentures falling out.

Winding Up

In a nutshell, as you have read the article, now if you are planning to undergo a dental implant in South East London or looking for teeth whitening in South East London then visit Mindful dentist. They have some of the best dentists in South East London whom you can rely on completely. To book an appointment you can visit their site at Mindful Dentist -


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