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Posted by Bookswagon on December 31st, 2021

History is the root of any nation. Without knowing one\'s history there is no substance to one\'s presence and future. History is one of the most important subjects taught in schools, it is selected as a career and some people are keen about the history and read history books. To serve the purposes of all kinds of people related to history, Bookswagon has the vastest range of books available. Bookswagon has a separate section that has various history books.

In humanities, we study the discipline aspect of our society and its culture. It includes various studies of ancient as well as modern philosophy, literature, history, religion, art, etc.

Given below are some of the recommendations that are mentioned below.

  1.        A History of Humanity

This book by Marvin Bram is a book that defines the symbolic history of the world.

  1.        Humanity and Society; A World History
  2.        The Little African History Book - Black Africa from the Origins of Humanity to the Assassination of Lumumba and the turn of the 20th Century
  3.        Iraq: Its History, People, and Politics

Most of the above-mentioned books are available at a discount that makes buying pocket-friendly. If you are a lover of history and humanities then you must check out these books here -

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