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Looking for car servicing reading in Berkshire? You just landed in the right place!

Car Service Centre Reading is your one-stop place for everything related to car servicing. Also, we offer MOT testing and servicing in three service packages to suit your needs. Bring your car for periodic health checkups or grooming. We handle it all!

Getting your car serviced on and off has to be a ritual if you want to maintain your car’s roadworthiness. Regular servicing will keep your car zooming over the roads, increase its lifespan, and retain its value.

At Car Service Centre Reading  we offer Combined MOT and car servicing.  

You might confuse MOT and Car Servicing as one, but they are quite different sets of services.

MOT is a vehicle health check mandatory for every 3-year old car UK-wide, and only some accredited MOT testers can carry out the said test as per the guidelines set by the DVSA.  

On the other hand, our standard car servicing packages include an overall health check to keep your car running in its best possible condition. Car Service And Mot Near Me

Why Choose Us?


We know your car is more than just transport for you. It\'s a travel partner that keeps you on the go. So, following our values to be transparent in our approach, we give you some rock-solid reasons \"why\" you should trust us for your car\'s routine checkups and grooming.

  • We are your one-stop garage for your car\'s servicing and MOT.
  • You get to avail yourself of outstanding quality and world-class customer care in EVERY aspect of your car servicing.
  • We offer our top-notch MOT and car repairing services on a budget that fits everyone\'s pocket.
  • We have accredited MOT inspectors to ensure fairly administered and totally authoritative MOT certification.
  • If your vehicle doesn\'t comply with the MOT guidelines set by DVSA, we\'ll handle all the repair work on your behalf.
  • Certified technicians perform your car’s servicing at our facility.
  • You enjoy quality services at competitive prices.
  • We don\'t keep you waiting and offer speedy services.

                     MOT and Car Servicing in One Go!


We Combine MOT and Car Servicing offers to better serve your interest in taking the utmost care of your vehicle. MOT is also mandatory when you need to get your car examined from time to time, and MOT is also mandatory. So why get into the hassle of getting both services separate?

Here is why we are providing both services at our place:

Save You from Hassle: Taking your car to a service station and an MOT testing facility will consume a heck of your time. It’s also a daunting undertaking to get your car to two different places and get things done.

Save Your Time: Is your MOT around the corner and do you also feel like getting your car serviced? You can get hit the two birds with one stone at XYZ Motors*  and save your time.

Save Your Money: We also have amazing deals and discount offers when you get your combined services from us and save a whopping amount of money. Isn’t that a win-win?

What’s Included in an MOT Service?

When you take your car for MOT, the tester checks different key areas of your vehicle as per the recommended guidelines of DVSA and issues an MOT certificate that you need to renew annually.

Here’s the list of checks that your vehicle undergoes while then you pass an MOT:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Registration Plate
  • Lights
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Wipers and Washer Bottle
  • Windscreen
  • Horn
  • Seatbelts
  • Seats
  • Fuel System
  • Emissions
  • Bodywork
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Brakes

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Car Servicing Plans:

Below ate are our car servicing plans:

Our Basic Interim Car Servicing Package For £££


An interim car servicing is carried out every 6 months.

Our Interim Car Servicing package is the best fit for your vehicle, no matter if you have got a high mileage car that requires oil changing and servicing now and then OR has a low mileage car that requires only annual checkups and servicing.

Our Interim Car Servicing Package includes:

  • Oil and Filter Changings
  • Engine Bay Fluid Levels are maintained
  • Visual Brake System is checked
  • Tyre Reports are prepared
  • An overall vehicle health check by a qualified technician

Our Advanced Full Car Servicing Package For £££


The advanced full car servicing package is a yearly package that suits those car owners who have completed 12,000 miles or a year with their high mileage car.

Here is what we include in our Advanced Full Car Servicing Package:

  • Oil and Oil Filter Change
  • Air and Pollen Filter Change
  • Top-ups to the engine and Bay area
  • Brake Inspection (after removing the wheels), cleaning, and adjustment
  • Diagnostic Scan
  • An overall vehicle health check by a qualified technician

Our Premium Major Car Servicing Package For £££


Our premium major car servicing package is the best bet for those high mileage vehicles covering 24,000 miles per year or more. In addition, this premium package is way more comprehensive than our advanced package.

Here are the services that we include in our premium major car servicing package:

  • Oil and Oil Filter Change
  • Air and Pollen Filter Change
  • Fuel Filter Change
  • Spark Plug Change
  • Top-ups to the engine and Bay area
  • Brake Inspection (after removing the wheels), cleaning, and adjustment
  • Diagnostic Scan
  • An overall vehicle health check by a qualified technician
  • A thorough wash
  • Removing and cleaning of front footwells

NOTE THAT: Our prices include VAT where applicable!

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