Socket Organizer and the need for the right equipment for lineman

Posted by socketlocker on January 3rd, 2022

Being a lineman is great but it can also cause a lot of stress. The main reason why every area receives electricity without any problem is that there is a lineman out there who is taking care of the electric cables and other power supply equipment. A lineman makes sure that the electricity is transmitted correctly and ensures that the distribution happens flawlessly.

A lineman has to work on electric cables both underground and also overhead. He sees the electric meters and their installation. Doing this job require skills. Although this seems like an interesting job, it also involves a lot of stress and frustration as this job always carries the element of danger lurking around. There is always a possibility of electrocution, dropping from heights, and any other similar work-related injuries. We have heard so many such stories.

Lineman tools can greatly reduce the amount of risk and danger if the tools that he has are of high quality and are durable. These tools will definitely help to perform the job efficiently and at the same time reduce the level of stress involved while doing the job.

A Socket organizer is one of the important pieces in a lineman’s tool kit. This is essential for him to carry with him. Sockets are always needed on the job and they come in various sizes. You cannot say which size socket would be required at any given time and so they all need to be kept together. This is where the socket organizer for organizing sockets comes in handy. This has a removable magnet so that all the sockets fit into it and do not fall out. They can be easily accessed without any interruption. This is also easy to clean as the magnet is removable. Using and replacing the socket becomes an easy task with this piece of equipment.

An Impact Socket set is also another important piece of equipment for a lineman. This is used by linemen to work on screws and bolts. These sockets are used along with powered wrenches. It is very important that these are highly durable and reliable. These are generally made using a softer alloy or Molybdenum which is a ductile metal so that they are more durable than the chrome sockets. This metal is generally black in color and thus can be differentiated from the regular sockets. This can withstand heavy vibrations and will not split or break. The regular sockets can be used to do light work. They will easily crumble if there is a powerful impact on them.

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