What Aim Assist Feature Does to Your Aim in PUBG Mobile?

Posted by Anil Sharma on January 3rd, 2022

With an increasing player count, PUBG Mobile has acquired its place as the most played battle game in the world.

The craze of this game is so popular that all its servers are full at any point of the day.

While playing for long hours on your smartphone, it may get heated.

This heating of the phone may have serious consequences to your phone, so it is advised to use a phone cooler for gaming that will keep your mobile cool while you play.

PUBG players are constantly trying new techniques to improve their game to reach conquerors.

And for a good game, an improved Aim is important for these kinds of battle games.

If your Aim is better you can survive long in the game.

In this article, you will get to know what the aim assist feature will do to your aiming in the game.

Aim-Assist Feature in PUBG Mobile

Aim-assist is a feature that will enable you to improve your aim in the game.

It will help you to aim correctly; also while enabling it, your wrong aim will be automatically corrected by this feature and will ensure the least damage.

Is the aim-assist good for newbie players?

Since every coin has two sides, the aim-assist will help you to aim directly at the enemy\'s body.

The crosshair will move automatically towards the opponent\'s body whenever you are close to the enemy.

If you are a newbie then it will help you to get the essence of the game by improving your target.

You can also use a gaming trigger for pubg that will help in managing the sensitivity of your game and increasing your target.

Aim-assist disadvantages

On the other side, aim-assist will function properly only in short-range fights.

It is one of its disadvantages that it can\'t aim at a moving target, so when you encounter a moving enemy the aim-assist will not function properly.

As aim-assist works only by predicting the enemy\'s behavior patterns, it fails when there are multiple enemies in close range.

For a newbie player, it is perfect to use this aim-assist feature.

While it\'s a matter of personal preference, some players may not prefer to use this feature.


You will get a perfect shot if you handle a few enemies at a time while for the multiple enemies this feature will not work up to the mark.

As you got to know what the aim-assist feature does to your gaming, you can now use it for your aiming preference.

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