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Posted by Danyking on May 7th, 2016

Hello, all ESO fans! ESO has announced that on completing the quest, players will now arrive directly at their alliance’s starter island not before Dark Brotherhood is released. Players are quite delighted about this change. For cheap ESO gold for sale, come to Safewow!

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After the quest, players will be directly at their alliance’s starter island.

On completing the quest, players will arrive directly at their alliance’s starter island, instead of the first main city. It will allow players to follow the plot sequences of the storyline in the intended order. And players will still be able to immediately travel to the first main city from a boat on the dock nearby if they choose to do that.

What is the influence for players?

Players will not waste time in the first main city any longer. They can go directly to the starter island to level up. Also, it will not cause the loss of players’ items and equipment.

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Players are quite pleased that this change is being made. The starting islands are a wonderful introduction to the game. However, some players feel that it would have been more appropriate to just allow the player to leave the starting islands early if they want. For cheap ESO gold for sale, Safewow is your best and first choice. There is an 8% discount code “ESOXBPS” for all ESO players.
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