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Posted by accolac99 on May 7th, 2016

As RS fans, all of you have known that Monkey Madness II is a Grandmaster quest. As such, the rewards of this challengeable quest are attractive and exciting. Recently, Jagex has announced a couple of rewards, which can be earned by completing MM2. If you are looking for cheap RS 2007 gold to help you, just come to RSorder. It is an experienced cheap runescape 2007 gold seller which has known by many RS players. Whenever you purchase 07 RS gold from RSorder, you can enjoy fast delivery and first-class service at any time.

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Jagex has shown some rewards of MM2.

Because Monkey Madness 2 is the first Old School-exclusive quest and the Quest Requirements aren't easy to reach, you can gain many satisfied and fitting rewards by finishing the new quest. Currently, you can obtain Ballistae and Zenyte jewellery according to the official site of OSRS.
Ballistae are slow, hard hitting ranged weapons comparable to Godswords and use javelins as ammunition.
Zenyte can be crafted into jewellery to create several powerful pieces of equipment, such as Ring of Suffering and Necklace of Anguish.

Earn the attractive rewards with cheap RS 07 gold.

Even though Monkey Madness 2 is difficult, RSorder can assist you in finishing the quest and obtaining the rewards as well. Antipoison potions, Ring of dueling/ life, high healing food and Weight-reducing clothing are required in Monkey Madness. If you are in need of some item in MM2, RSorder is ready to help you with 07 RS gold cheap. You can get your gold in 10 minutes and RSorder provides various payment methods for players to choose a convenient one for themselves.

Make preparation in advance for fully enjoying MM2.

Firstly, make sure that you will have a chance to be involved in the quest. So reach the Quest Requirements for Monkey Madness 2 as soon as possible.
Secondly, the release of Monkey Madness 2 is delayed. A delayed game must be eventually good. “A missed deadline people will forget, but a terrible update will be remembered.” a player said. Don't worry about it. It's clear that the Mods put a lot of effort into MM2. You can also play Monkey Madness 1 as you wait for this new quest.
Thirdly, in order to gain the rewards in Monkey Madness 2, you should behave bravely to assist King Narnode in tracking down the war criminal Glough and uncovering his next evil plan. 2007 Quest Helper on RSorder is very useful to help you gain the rewards.

It's really worth playing Monkey Madness 2 to experience the great storyline in game. Stock enough 2007 RS gold for sale in your bank to ensure a fully comfortable and smooth journey in RS! You should visit RSorder regularly to achieve cheap RS gold. If you have trouble in trading process, just turn to Live Helper on RSorder. The online supporter always can solve your problem patiently and efficiently.

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