It's been a common practice since the past few years

Posted by Megaomgchen on January 4th, 2022

It\'s been a common practice since the past few years to expect EA to publish each month a Madden 22 Title Update, and they\'ve remained with at least this frequency this year too. We\'re getting the Madden 22 Title Update for December is now approaching, and Mut 22 coins we finally got confirmation of when it\'s expected to appear on the latest Good Morning Madden.

The reveal was relatively sparse on details, however they did state it was the month of December. Title Update will be available on Madden 22, which will be released on December 2nd, 2021. While the file isn\'t live for consoles yet, based on previous versions we\'re hoping for an update 2.04 on PS4 Version on Xbox Series X|S, along with version 1.010 in the PS5. PS5.

Download Size is also still unknown, but these regular beginning of the month Title Updates may be toward the larger-sized side as such, which is why you\'ll likely need plenty of space to update. This is an area where we\'re still waiting for more, but there are lingering issues which can be fixed.

A quick look at the official bugs of Madden 22 highlights that players continue to experience problems, and Franchise is most likely to be affected. The most frustrating issues that affect the majority of users are the ones that corrupt or make the single Franchise save essentially unplayable, while one player finds themselves stuck in a cycle of losing their game after.

There have also been several that have an odd \"you are already the commissioner of 20 leagues\" mistake when trying to launch a cloud Franchise despite not being responsible for any. A number of users have reported problems related to Madden 22\'s Fantasy Draft in Madden 22, while others have had the Online Franchise drop them back to the Draft.

They\'re just scratching the surface, as users have identified lingering problems in Online H2H, Face of the Franchise, The Yard, Ultimate Team, and buy Madden 22 coins general freezing and crashes have been observed across the entire title. It is unclear which of these will be addressed in Madden 22 Title Update 2.04 yet, but we\'ll find out when the patch notes are released.

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