Differences between motorcycle tyres and car tyres

Posted by Nadia Winget on January 4th, 2022

Motorcycle and car tyres are designed to be different, with each type having its own pros and cons. The main difference between the two is that those on motorbikes are usually narrower than those used on vehicles with four wheels. This means they don\'t take up as much space on the road, but also doesn\'t provide as much traction in wet weather conditions. Another difference is tread life; those on motorcycles have a shorter lifespan because they are used more frequently than the ones used on cars (motorbikes go faster). Motorcycle tyre prices in Sri Lanka can also be quite high, sometimes higher than in certain vehicle types, because they are special (such as those used for sports).

Motorcycle tyres are typically made of a harder rubber than those on cars

This means that the ones on motorbikes don\'t grip the road as well as cars. The ones used for cars are usually made of softer rubber and have more tread life (they can last longer). Those used on bikes also need to be changed for safety reasons after certain amounts of time or mileage travelled, because it won\'t grip the road properly anymore. After all, these are the only contact point the bike has with the road and is extremely important for safety.

Those on motorcycles have more grooves and channels in them to help with traction

Traction is defined as the friction between the rubber and the road it is travelling on. The more grip the better, because if there isn\'t any, you could lose control of your bike while cornering or braking hard. Motorbike have a larger number of grooves and channels in them to help with traction. This makes it a lot easier to keep the bike upright and moving in a straight line.

The other important aspect of traction is having enough grip for braking and cornering, as this will affect your safety on the road. Bikes have larger contact patches than the ones used on cars so they can stop better too because more rubber is touching the ground at any one time. This increases stability by reducing tyre roll during heavy braking or sharp corners which makes it safer overall. In terms of motorbikes, these provide greater levels of control and increase rider confidence when doing manoeuvres like hard braking or tight turns. It is not surprising that all racers use specialist motorcycle tyres. When buying motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka, make sure that you buy good quality ones in order to prevent accidents and problems.

The tread on those used in motorcycles is thinner than the tread on those found on cars

Motorcycle tread patterns tend to be more open and provide greater grip than car tread patterns because they operate at higher speeds. There is more distance between the tread blocks on bikes which allows for better water dispersion during wet weather riding conditions, this reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

A thicker tread pattern on a car tyre helps prevent wear when travelling slowly in heavy traffic but this can increase noise levels and reduce fuel economy. This means that choosing the right type depending on your vehicle will help you get more out of them with less risk or damage.


When it comes to size, there are big differences between cars and motorcycles. Tyre sizes for vehicles with four wheels start at 13 inches, while motorcycle tyre sizes start at 12 inches. This is because cars have to handle much higher speeds so the distance between tread blocks has been increased for better stability and grip under different road conditions. When buying your tyres online in Sri Lanka, whether for your motorbike or four wheeled vehicle, make sure that you know what size is used on your vehicle prior to ordering.

More weight is placed on a motorcycle tyre so they need to be replaced more often than in cars

Since bikes tend to be lighter than cars, they also place more weight on their tyres. This is why motorbike tread life tends to last for 20,000 miles or even less depending upon the road surface and weather conditions encountered during operation. By comparison car tread life will typically range between 40,000-60,000 miles (64,373km). So, you can see that motorcycles need replacing much sooner than other vehicles do because of this additional pressure placed on them by gravity while riding at higher speeds around sharp corners etc.

This is one reason why it is best if riders don\'t overload their bikes with luggage, as added stress will accelerate wear and replacement timeframes too, which could lead to an accident situation arising due to lack of grip when cornering quickly or riding at high speed on the motorway.

It is not recommended that you use your same size for both front and back wheels

Before replacing your bike tyres, always check the recommended size from the motorbike manufacturer since sometimes they could recommend using different sizes for front and back wheels. You could also check with your local service centre or motorcycle dealership about this matter so you will have peace of mind when getting new ones from them.

Whether it is a four wheeled vehicle or bike you use, it is important to remember that the tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and hence you need to ensure that they are well maintained and in good condition.

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