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Posted by John Larson on January 4th, 2022

Plastic mold parts, or parts of plastic. There is barely any industry that doesn\'t require it. Everywhere we look around us, most things need parts of soft or hard plastic in one way or another. Electronics, garden items, defence products, automotive products, medical equipment and a host of other things need Plastic moulding parts to be made. Modern world cannot function without it at all. But is there a Plastic mold company that makes the best quality of Plastic mold and also at the most reasonable pricing? Yes there is — Dong Guan Sincere Tech.


Dong Guan Sincere Tech was established in 2005. It started out immediately as an Injection molding China Company that has the latest machinery to make the finest plastic mold parts. Since the beginning, it has used European and American standard mold components for all of its export quality parts — whether it is HASCO, DME or anything else according to customer’s requirement and demand).

Cost Saving

Dong Guan Sincere Tech has its own plastic mold company and injection molding China company that have 65 toolmakers and 25 injection molding machines from 80 tons to 2000 tons respectively. With such a huge set-up, the company manufactures millions of plastic parts. Not to mention, the company also offers multiple cavities molds, over-molding, clear plastic molding, insert molding, thin-wall molding, 2K injection molding. Being the one-stop shop for all the needs to manufacture a product, clients save up to 40% on their overall costs!

Why Choose Dong Guan Sincere Tech?

So why choose us? For very simple reasons, that will simplify your decision to go for us:-

1. We straightaway sign an NDA to protect your project
2. Design For Manufacturability or DFM shown to the client as a blueprint to iron out the imperfections before final molding.
3. From molding, tooling and dyeing to assembling, packaging and shipping before the deadline is our speciality.
4. Clear line of established communication to avoid untimely concerns.
5. No matter the order size, we manufacture and ship them all.

Mail us today to get a quote. Let us start serving you at the earliest. Visit us at

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