iOS Vs. Android- Which Platform Is More Secure For App Development?

Posted by Mike on January 5th, 2022

There is no doubt in the fact that mobile app development is a little risky, especially when you are deciding between iOS and Android. However, if you dig a little into this subject, you will understand that with a specialized Mobile App Developer Dubai, you can create an outstanding mobile application for your users.

The iOS vs. Android debate has been there for a long time now, and people have divided opinions on it. You shouldn\'t be confused with the opinions because the platform you choose all depends on the kind of mobile app you want. Hence, in mobile app development, one of the biggest concerns for people is the security of the platform. You want your users to trust you, and you want to protect them and their data, which is why the platform matters the most.

In our today’s article, we will talk about which platform between iOS and Android is more secure and which one you should choose for your mobile application. So, stick with us till the end and get to know about the secure app development platform.

Android Vs. iOS - Threat Level

Apple operating systems are more like closed systems as they don\'t give code access even to mobile app developers. Your app users, whether they use iPhones or iPads, can\'t make changes to the codes, which means that it becomes quite difficult for hackers to find loopholes just like they can with Android.

On the other hand, Android operating systems are the complete opposite here. They are open-sourced, which means that the owner of an Android device can easily change or modify the operating system. Hackers here can easily find the vulnerabilities as they can easily access the code. Another reason why Android systems are more prone to attacks is that there are more Android users than Apple users out there.

iOS 14 Privacy Features

For both the users and the businesses out there, iOS 14 comes with some reinstated privacy features that make security a priority. Some of the updates that you need to know about are:

  • iOS developers can’t have any access to the user data until they are permitting the mobile applications to use the data for marketing and promotions.
  • Apple will be sending privacy reports to each user telling them about which mobile application in their phone is using their data and which one isn\'t.
  • Marketers and mobile apps can now just get an approximate location of their users instead of making them enable their current location.

Android 11 Privacy Features

Just like iOS 14, even Android 11 has new privacy features that you must know. Starting with:

  • The permission changing feature means that when a user installs a mobile application, he will be given three options to select from. Use the My Data option all the time, only use the data when I am using the application or never use my data.
  • Android operating systems will revoke the data access permissions if you haven\'t used a mobile application for quite a while. In other words, when you open that particular application again, you can again change the permission settings and decide whether or not you want the app to access your data.

The Final Words:

In the end, we can say that hiring a professional mobile app developer ( can help you make your mobile app more secure. But when it comes to choosing a platform that is specific about the security of your user\'s data, you should go for iOS. iOS operating systems are more secure as compared to Android operating systems. The reason is that Apple is more like a closed system, and even the app developers can\'t access the user data. Thus, for hackers, it is even more difficult. Yes, Android does offer more flexibility, but if security is your number one concern, you should go for iOS without giving it a second thought.

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