How Customer Portal Can Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Posted by CRMJetty on January 5th, 2022

Adding as much as customer-centricity as possible to your website is the strategy for increasing sales and engagements. This is a tried and tested method used by numerous businesses, including small and giant businesses globally. So, if you have some unique products but cannot provide good customer service, then chances are that you might not get the desired result till you understand the importance of customer service. 

And customer service includes resolving customer tickets or queries. Additionally, when your business grows, your customer requests will also increase. And managing everything manually and still providing quality and efficiency is not possible in the era we live in. Thus, you should get software that can manage your tasks and enhance the productivity of your employees.

Have you thought of the customer portal and its benefits? If not, then you are missing something extremely helpful. But as said, \'it\'s never too late,\' let us know the benefits of the customer portal today:

  • Self-Service Troubleshoot Websites

Most of the customers prefer self-care services because they are easy and fast to get. And for some common queries, why would they choose to send a request and wait for a representative to contact them, right? So, to let customers find solutions to their problems without interruption of any company agent, you can add FAQ pages, knowledge-base articles, chatbots, user guides, etc. If they still have a doubt or query, give them an option of contacting you through different channels or in your different channels. After that, your agents can take care of those queries.

  • Customer Engagement

Customer portals eventually help in increasing your interaction with your customers. It allows your customers to send feedback for your brand and representative. You can even post videos, photos, or articles to keep your customers updated and engaged with your brand and its products. And having customers on board by asking them for suggestions is the best way to make customer-centric decisions. 

Additionally, this will also let you know what the requirements and expectations of your customers are. Sending them emails about the latest update is also a great option to make them aware of your brand regularly. And it is not at all tedious with customer portals. You just need to add the content, and it will be sent to auto-generated email addresses. Also, if you want to send it to a group regularly, then you just need to merge those addresses and form a group for once. Then you can send updates to groups regularly without repeating the process.

  • Reduced Cost

One of the significant benefits of keeping the customer portal is it will reduce your labor costs. You do not need a huge team to handle every data manually. You will only require experts who can handle the tickets and automation. It will also increase the productivity and performance of your employees by cutting off repetitive, monotonous tasks. And if they work with their best efficiency, you can benefit from a higher customer satisfaction ratio.

  • Customer Satisfaction

After every benefit discussed earlier, you might be well aware that this tool does provide customer satisfaction in all terms. Excellent service and faster solutions will make customers happy, and eventually, they will recommend your brand to their loved ones or on social media. And you know, there is no better marketing than word of mouth marketing. It is more effective than any other strategies.

  • Boost Web Traffic

A good customer portal will generate tremendous engagement to your website. Because if the audience find the necessary information, good quality products, and faster solutions, they will stay loyal to your brand for sure. Also, if there is more engagement, then your website will rank higher than other pages, which will give you more engagement and business.


A customer portal enhances your brand\'s visibility and your employee\'s productivity. In a world where a single lost customer can push you many steps back, no business would take a chance of not having a customer portal. Like a customer portal, you can also have a client portal to manage your client\'s data and requests. 

Also, if you have your site on platforms like WordPress or Shopify, then you can have software that integrates with that site, such as WordPress customer portal or WordPress client portals. For proper integration, you can contact a software solution providing company, explain to them your requirements, and they will set you all up for your business.

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