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Posted by Pikdigital Marketing Agency in Toronto on January 5th, 2022

The pace of change in marketing has never been quicker. Marketing tactics can\'t rely on following the current trends, even if they produce short-term gains.

As a result, Digital Marketing Agency chose some digital marketing trends that aren\'t merely industry fads, rather instead represent broad patterns in marketing that will continue well into the future.

Search intent is king

The term \"search intent\" refers to the rationale for searching. Google attempts to comprehend the meaning of our search queries and the type of content we\'re looking for.

For instance, Google prioritizes guidelines for informative purpose queries such as \"how to tune a guitar.\"

On the other hand, when a user enters a transactional query such as \"amazon,\" Google recognizes that the user is attempting to get to the most appropriate e-Commerce website for their area (as opposed to finding information about Amazon River).

Google adheres to the philosophy of optimizing for humans, not algorithms. Indeed, some of Google\'s advanced machine learning algorithms, such as BERT or MUM, are used to make the search engine \"more human.\" The search engine should be able to comprehend information on a par with people.

While there are several general trends in SEO, search intent is and will likely continue to reign supreme. After all, it is the lifeblood of Google.

What to do about it

Create and optimize content with the goal of the search engine in mind. This is accomplished by examining the search result pages for a given query and finding the three Cs of search intent:

  • Content-type - What is the content\'s general nature? Is it a post on a blog, a product page, or a video? As an example, this article is a blog post.
  • Typical content styles include how-to instructions, list postings, reviews, and comparisons. The article you are currently reading is a list post.
  • Content angle - The content piece\'s distinguishing feature. For instance, \"best,\" \"least expensive,\" and \"freshness.\" Can you determine the article\'s angle?

Once you\'ve identified the three Cs of search intent, you should have a clear notion of the sort of material that Google \"recommends\" to its users in response to certain search queries.

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Word of mouth

Word of mouth (WOM) is the \"invisible power\" underlying the success of many companies and the unsung hero of prospect conversion. To demonstrate my thesis, the following data is provided:

  • 83% of respondents from 60 nations place their faith in personal recommendations, while 66% trust internet suggestions (Nielsen).
  • 74 percent of customers (automotive, beauty, and smartphone) cite word of mouth as the primary factor influencing their purchasing decisions (Google, TNS, & Ogilvy).

Due to internet media, the \"invisible power\" of WOM—which was previously difficult to see and quantify—has become rather concrete. As evidenced by the following:

  • WOM is visible on social media in both conversations and the sharing of material.
  • Customer reviews, unboxings, and fan photos shared on Instagram are all excellent examples of user-generated content regarding businesses and their products.
  • Influencer marketing\'s spread - While influencer marketing is a distinct sort of marketing, the reason it has been so successful is the same as with WOM: People trust other people more than businesses.

Video marketing

Everywhere you look, the same pattern emerges:

  • 79 percent of individuals report being persuaded to purchase or download software or an app after seeing a video.
  • 91 percent of marketers believe the epidemic has increased the importance of video for businesses.

In 2021, the video will be the most popular kind of marketing media, followed by blogs (which are utilized by more than half of marketing teams) and infographics.

Video is beneficial to both users and companies. It\'s really difficult to come up with a compelling argument not to invest in video marketing. This is especially true if your product is best demonstrated through video than through textual information.

What to do in response

Suppose you\'re just getting started with video marketing. In that case, the video below demonstrates how to set yourself up for success even if you lack professional equipment, English fluency, or expertise in front of the camera.

Do you require further information? Please take a look at our playlist dedicated to the subject. We\'ll demonstrate how to optimize YouTube Ads and do video SEO and YouTube SEO to provide constant, free traffic to your videos.

I hope you like these online marketing trends in 2022 that helps your business to increase its presence. For more info, you can consult today with the best Digital marketing agency in Brampton.

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