Points To to Consider When Hiring a China Manufacturing Company

Posted by China 2 West on January 5th, 2022

Any business wants to present itself in a good light to make a great impression on potential customers. This is why it can be challenging to determine which manufacturing partners are honest and true to their claims. If you’re looking to hire a China manufacturing company then it’s even more important to take the time to get to know more about it. Look at the bigger picture to determine if it can fulfill your needs and deliver to its promises.

Why outsource your manufacturing to China?

China has solid manufacturing advantages because it has established itself as a cost-effective source for factories that can manufacture or supply the goods that you need. With many manufacturers and suppliers competing against each other, each of them is trying to offer their services at lower prices compared to when you manufacture your goods in-house.

That said, outsourcing your production there can be daunting, especially if you’re new to finding a China manufacturing company. You have to be careful and do some research to find the best manufacturing partner. Here are some points you can consider to help you with that:

The company’s actual identity

Picture this: You’ve found a Chinese supplier that seems capable of producing the goods you want to sell. They even have a representative that speaks your language fluently and claims that they work with many Western businesses. But you shouldn’t proceed without confirming whether the supplier is a manufacturer or a trading company. Keep in mind that multiple stages in sourcing can mean increased costs. As much as possible, you’ll want to work with a true China manufacturing company without going through multiple middlemen.


 Find out if the manufacturer has extensive experience in making and supplying products to other businesses in your industry. Reliable manufacturing companies in China have established long-term trusted relationships with assembly facilities in different fields, such as solar technology, metal and hardware assembly, integrated electronics, POP displays, and plastics.

 The reputation of the company 

 Do a background check of the manufacturing company to find information that will provide assurance on their reputation. Compare their online profiles to verify consistencies in identifiable information like their location, phone number, and address. Don’t forget to read customer reviews on Google and online directories, too!

 Hire someone to check on the manufacturer 

 You don’t have to travel to China to personally meet with the manufacturer you’re eyeing. There are western quality control specialists that are based there and they can conduct factory audits & verification for you. It is the part of their pre-production inspection services that aim to identify the credibility and reliability of the China manufacturing company. They can also conduct social compliance and environmental audits to make sure that you will be working with companies that aren’t violating labor laws and health and safety measures.

 IP protection

Consider a China manufacturing company that will always have your best interest. It should have a proven track record of protecting its customers’ intellectual property (IP) while ensuring high-quality manufacturing services every time.

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