Interesting Facts About Manufacturing Companies in China

Posted by China 2 West on January 5th, 2022

If you check the stickers, tags, or labels of some of the essential objects you use every day, you’re likely to see that many of them are made in China. Known as ‘The World’s Factory,’ the country continues to be reputable as a manufacturing powerhouse. If you need something manufactured yourself, you can simply turn to one of the top manufacturing companies in China for reasonably priced services.

Are you new to outsourcing your manufacturing to China? You might be interested to learn some interesting facts about the companies that will work closely with you to get your project finished on time. Here are some facts you must know along with some tips to ensure your success:

Not all companies are alike

There may be a lot of manufacturing companies in China, but you might be surprised that there’s a negative perception about them simply because some businesses had the experience of choosing the wrong factory. As a result, they got flimsy and low-quality goods. However, that shouldn’t deter you from outsourcing your manufacturing there, since there are reliable and reputable manufacturing companies with a proven excellent track record of producing high-quality goods and providing reasonably priced services. You just have to be discerning when choosing a factory to work with.

You can hire quality control specialists to avoid mishaps

You may be outsourcing your manufacturing overseas, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any control over what’s happening there. There are quality control companies that can oversee production for you. Their services include verifying the factory before you decide to hire it. They assess factories according to factors like management, systems and equipment, and operating procedures. You can also find qualified manufacturing companies in China through them.

Most electronic components are made by Chinese companies

China dominates the marketplace as a major exporter of electronic products. Its manufacturing companies are trusted by worldwide brands to produce products like mobile phones, TVs, computers, and replacement parts for these components. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese exports increased by more than 20 percent at the end of 2020 and electronics contributed to that surge.

Labor shortages are not stopping Chinese manufacturing

Reputable manufacturing companies in China are upgrading their processes and relying on automation and robots to keep producing despite labor shortages. Advances in technology have enabled many factories to rebound quickly and the trend is seen to continue to 2025 and possibly further.

Customer service is a priority

Chinese manufacturers are typically associated with affordable pricing, but when you work with one of them, you’ll find out that they are proactive when it comes to ensuring the best customer service. Just be sure to choose the right manufacturer that is proven to promptly respond to inquiries, return phone calls, and share frequent status updates. Some manufacturers are willing to work with small businesses and startups, too.

Quality is also prioritized

Not everything made in China is low-quality and flimsy. Leading manufacturing companies in China always invest the right materials, equipment, and talent to create high-quality goods. Some will even have an in-house quality control process. Just be sure to check their processes and standards for quality before signing a contract.

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