A Closer Look At The Kitchen Wood Shaker Doors

Posted by Cabinet Door Supply on January 5th, 2022

We\'re going to take a deeper look at Shaker kitchens today. What is the definition of a Shaker kitchen? How has it changed over time? Also, how to accessorise and match the design you\'ve picked. The shaker wood door is recessed within a frame,

 resulting in clean, straight lines radiating from the Shaker Kitchen Design.

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The Shaker community has been around since the 1700s. In the 1700s, a religious sect known as the Shakers split from the Quakers.

The sect leaders were all women with a flair for interior design and functionality. It\'s no wonder, therefore,

that they began redeveloping and redesigning how everything in the house functioned. As the kitchen is the centrepiece of every home, its design and functionality are very important. The shakers concentrated on features and quality while renovating the kitchen.

How Has The Shaker Design Evolved?

The Shaker era has continued to inspire modern kitchen

 designers to bring functionality and quality to their homes. Some of the shaker kitchen designs are cherry and maple, which were originally used.

Modern conditions and people\'s needs have surely changed during the last 300 years. Thus, shaker cabinets are now available in oak, walnut, painted finishes and beech.

The uncomplicated utility of the shaker kitchen design

hasn\'t been altered; no ornate cornice and pelmet here,

simply plain clean lines that work best for functionality.

There are also newer shaker versions, such as the Tongue and Groove shaker.

Complementing a Shaker Kitchen -

Shaker doors were economical, well-organized and clutter-free. While contemporary times and technologies make it more

difficult to adhere to this concept, no one wants to put their kettle

away every time they use it! You may still adhere to the concept

 by keeping your counters free of toasting machines, knife blocks,

and pots and pans. Consider where you\'ll be preparing and

cooking meals before you construct your final appearance. Locate a storage location where they can be conveniently retrieved and put away.

If you decide on a look, stick to it. Square and straight edges

work well with shakers because of the nature of the straight

lines integrally embedded into the kitchen doors.

However, contrast is appealing, so a few discreet items that

 break up the clean lines and provide variety to your kitchen might work. A basic curving vase with flowers would suffice, or since

your kettle will most likely be on display, go for something more intriguing.

You can find great wirework solutions to assist you to clear

 out the clutter and stay on track with your goals.

Kitchen Color Schemes -

Kitchen colour schemes are a topic that deserves its own webpage. Here, you may be as subtle or as bold as you like. The colour has no effect on the basic Shaker kitchen design concepts of function and quality. The shaker doors, not the colours, are the focal point of your kitchen. Take a look at various shaker designs; they range from raw brick to brilliant red and all function just as well. So let your imagination go wild when it comes to colour schemes.

Keep in mind that while patterns may not function

 well in this situation, you do have subtle design patterns on your door. Don\'t destroy it by using curly, ornate designs on the walls. If you absolutely must include patterns, include them with little goods. For example Patterned tea, coffee and sugar jars.

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