Why One Should Get Home Insurance in Laconia and Alton, New Hampshire

Posted by holbrookinsurance on January 5th, 2022

Motorcyclists can suffer life-threatening injuries in motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, many riders discover that they are underinsured after being gravely injured in an accident. Motorcyclists may be able to prevent some of the catastrophic outcomes connected with motorcycle accidents if they know the importance of this insurance and take measures to obtain it.

Motorcycle Accidents: What Causes Them?

There are various reasons why a motorcyclist may be affected in an automobile collision, just as there are for other sorts of accidents. When a passenger car collides with a motorbike head-on, the impact is always massive on the motorbike itself. Sometimes, the passenger vehicle driver can’t see the motorbike and often hits them unknowingly. Mishaps happen when a passenger takes a left turn while the motorbike is in traffic and driving straight through an intersection.

Some motorcycle accidents take place purely because of riders. Many motorcycle accidents involve simply the rider and a stationary object rather than another vehicle. Sometimes, accidents happen due to a lack of appropriate training. The absence of experience may often contribute to the disaster. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 27 percent of motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents had a blood alcohol content level over the legal limit, somewhat higher than the 23 percent of drivers engaged in passenger vehicle fatalities. Approximately 34% of motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents in 2013 were speeding at the time of the accident.

When motorcyclists perform lane splitting, it is another common cause of motorcycle accidents. When a motorcycle weaves between stalled traffic, an accident is inevitable. A biker may suffer a significant injury due to road mishaps in various instances. Motorcycles are less stable than cars, so if a rider comes across loose gravel, a rock, or other debris on the road, it might go under the tires and cause the rider to lose control. Motorcyclists are also prone to losing balance when confronted with slick roads, potholes, uneven lane heights, and other road abnormalities.

Common motorcycle Injuries:

Many motorcycle accidents result in fatalities, as previously mentioned. Most of the time, it\'s a motorcyclist. Severe injuries are caused due to the limited level of protection involving only clothes and helmets. Unlike passengers in other vehicles, the rider is not protected by a steel frame.

Traumatic brain injuries affect a large number of motorcyclists. Concussions are also a regular occurrence. Motorcyclists may potentially be paralyzed as a result of spinal injuries. Fractures and amputation are also possibilities.  Treatment for medical injuries may be exceedingly costly due to the severity of some of these ailments.

Insurance for Motorcycles

Under a standard policy, most car insurance plans expressly exclude coverage for the insured\'s motorbike accident. Motorcyclists frequently need to get separate motorcycle insurance in Meredith and Laconia, New Hampshire. While some people may only be able to get the minimum liability coverage required by state law, others may be able to get the following:

Personal Injury Insurance

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance pays for an insured\'s medical expenses regardless of who caused the accident. PIP covers medical expenditures up to the policy limit, even if the insured caused the accident or was involved in a single-vehicle collision. In general, the more coverage one will have, the more costly one’s policy will be. PIP also covers the insured\'s lost wages. A passenger on the bike can also make the most of PIP to cover exorbitant expenses.

Coverage for the Uninsured/Underinsured

If the driver adjudged to be at fault has no insurance or inadequate insurance to cover the motorcyclist\'s expenditures, UM coverage compensates for the insured\'s medical expenses up to the maximum policy. The limitations for this sort of coverage are frequently the same as those for standard liability coverage.

Coverage for Property Damage

Motorcyclists may also want to consider purchasing supplementary coverage for their car if they are responsible for the collision. This coverage may be used to help pay for bike repairs or the purchase of a new vehicle.

To secure one’s another valuable asset, apart from a car or motorcycle, one should opt for a home insurance in Laconia and Alton, New Hampshire, to keep it protected against all odds. 

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