The Small RNA Sequencing Service Is Now Available Through RNA Solutions Platform

Posted by beauty33 on January 6th, 2022

RNA Solutions is a platform that offers services for the revolutionizing study of RNA, targeting both coding and non-coding RNAs of different physiological functions. The scientists at CD Genomics are ready to help detect various types of RNA via meticulous and integrative approaches. Recently, the company announced Small RNA Sequencing, which helps researchers quickly identify known and unknown small RNAs and provides powerful tools for studying the functions and regulatory mechanisms of small RNAs.

Small RNA is a large class of regulatory molecules, including miRNA, siRNA, snoRNA, piRNA and rasiRNA. miRNA is a type of endogenous small RNA molecule with a length of about 20-24 nucleotides. It participates in regulating the growth and development of organisms in cells by degrading mRNA, inhibiting translation, and regulating the formation of heterochromatin. Each miRNA can have multiple target genes, and several miRNAs can also target the same gene, thus forming a complex regulatory network.

The development of large-scale, next-generation sequencing has vastly increased our understanding of RNA biology, particularly in terms of the diversity, abundance, and function of different RNA molecules. Small RNA-seq is a powerful tool for analyzing small RNAs like miRNAs, siRNAs, and piRNAs in a single sequencing run, allowing for the discovery and evaluation of novel small RNA molecules as well as the prediction of their functions. These RNA-seq methods have allowed for a more thorough characterization of small RNA and have the potential for new applications.

“Our single-base resolution technology allows the detection of small RNAs from very small amounts of cellular material, which can help you detect known small RNAs, discover new small RNAs, and check the differential expression of all small RNAs in any sample. We generate small RNA sequencing libraries directly from total RNA and capture a complete range of small RNAs to understand their role. This will provide you with a comprehensive and effective method to understand post-transcriptional regulation and discover new biomarkers.” Said a Senior Scientist at CD Genomics.

Small RNA regulates the expression of target genes and participates in the process of growth and development, and the occurrence of diseases. Small RNA sequencing can quickly identify known and unknown small RNAs, providing powerful tools for studying the functions and regulatory mechanisms of small RNAs. It plays an important role in the regulation of gene expression, biological individual development, metabolism and disease occurrence.

What are CD Genomics’s current specialized services in small RNA?

(1) UMI Small RNA Sequencing

(2) Bacterial Small RNA-Seq

(3) miRNA Sequencing

(4) piRNA Sequencing

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CD Genomics enjoys a high reputation for sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping, providing reliable services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academia and government agencies.

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