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Posted by Health Heal on January 6th, 2022

One of the problems that often makes its way within the family contexts in which there is an older adult, a person with disabilities or who are not self-sufficient is that relating to the management of the psycho-physical and social conditions of the subject in question, both in terms of care of the person and in terms of caring for the space in which that person usually moves.

Often caregivers are struggling with problems due to the difficulty of reconciling time, for example, of their work or family with the care of an elderly parent with issues that do not allow them to be completely independent.

In this regard, the Essential Levels of Assistance provide for the home assistance service. At the basis of this service, there is the idea that the place where the client lives are the place of care of the patient; this allows to prevent the need to institutionalize the person within a structure.

What are the benefits of home care?

• It responds to the health needs of fragile people in general, therefore of non-self-sufficient individuals, the elderly, people with disabilities and minors who require temporary or protracted home care;

• It allows the assisted person to be able to maintain their habits and continue to receive affections within their own vital spaces, without having to give up their daily routine;

• Allows the person to have professional figures in the medical field (Oss, nurses, doctors) who provide for the maintenance of his physical well-being and avoid the aggravation or chronicization of the disease;

• Allows the assisted person to receive psychological support to alleviate discomfort or consequential suffering the disease or just the loneliness that can result from its condition;

• The purpose of home care is to improve the quality of life of the elderly, limit the decline of functions, keep the clinical picture stable in case of chronic diseases, and favour the use of residual skills.

• The healthcare at home benefits from a personalized team based on the patient\'s needs, combining the advantages of keeping the patient in their living environment, creating a point of reference for family members and patients, and guaranteeing complete and specific control over the state of health of the patient himself, avoiding disadvantages and inconveniences of hospitalization.

• It favours interventions for the prevention of disability and improvements in the quality of life;

• Guarantees the supply and transport of aids and supports for residual mobility, drugs and medical material;

• Allows assistance to the person in the care of the spaces the client moves daily.

In light of these numerous advantages, it is easy to deduce how the healthcare at home service is an optimal solution for the benefits it entails, both for the patient and the family that takes care of it.

Therefore, to prevent the need to institutionalize the person, the possibility of having at home a network of services that meet the needs of applicants is fundamental and, above all, fitting for those situations in which we try to guarantee the maximum patient serenity.

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