What is the Difference Between Embroidery Digitizing Screen Printing?

Posted by Daniel Kate on January 6th, 2022


Embroidery vs. Screen Printing: By the most prevalent decorative clothing processes are screen printing and embroidery digitizing. To print using screen printing or custom printing, a screen-print, plastisol, and squeegee are used to ensure that the content is mirrored on the fabric.

For specialized applications, screen printing has unquestionably the largest market share, whereas embroidery digitizing has an undeniable benefit. There are various factors to consider when deciding which garment decoration method to choose, but each approach has its own set of advantages.

Dimensions of Image:

Without a doubt for screen printing, the screen size is very important. Embroidery accumulates fabrics and can be lightweight and rough in large proportions. Because the cost of screen printing does not differ significantly between small pocket prints and large back prints, embroidery is far more expensive in large sizes.

Appearance in Public:

When it comes to workplace apps, embroidery digitizing is frequently stunning. Embroidered business shirts with small company logos appear more professional than screen printing.

Carefully handle:

\"Hand\" refers to the decorative sensation on the skin. The term \"soft hands\" refers to how difficult it is to detach the printed surface from the fabric. The term \"hard hand\" refers to a printing position that is far more intricate and difficult than the material itself.

Because water-based ink enters the fabric and becomes a part of it, you get a smooth, difficult-to-distinguish hand texture when printing with it. Embroidery is always like rough hands, and the embroidery digitizing can get scratched, due to the great density of the threads employed.


While screen printing on hats and other headwear might be effective, embroidery is without a doubt the best option. The seams on most bottle caps reach down the middle of the front cap, making it difficult to print or transfer heat. The pre-blast trucker cover is an exception. Their screen printing is excellent, but they can also create amazing effects when perusing. When the foam is pressed down, it creates a 3D effect around the embroidery.


Both systems have advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits and drawbacks of embroidery:

Embroidery digitizing is the process of sewing a logo or a symbol onto a piece of fabric (such as a shirt, jacket, or hat). Embroidery is a great way to personalize and organize your clothes. It\'s clean, basic, and prominently displays the brand, making it ideal for businesses. Furthermore, the impact of the needlework is long-lasting. It will not degrade or stick if handled carefully and washed often. Instead, your needlework would become a permanent part of the cloth.

Embroidery digitizing isn\'t appropriate for every job, despite its many advantages. Embroidery is frequently more expensive than screen printing. For huge projects, some companies use screen printing.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Screen Printing:

To print a logo on an individual item it uses ink for printing the t-shirt. If the screen printing has handled more care, it helps to last forever. Unlike embroidery on fabric, screen printing may be done on a multitude of substrates. If you want to put your brand on a coffee cup, tote bag, pressure ball, or T-shirt, screen printing might be the way to go. Because screen printing is less expensive than embroidery digitizing, it is ideal for bulk orders and logos.

Although screen printing can be done on a variety of textiles, thick and fuzzy materials like woollen coats are not suitable. Screen printing projects take longer to complete than needlework projects. Your design necessitates a bespoke screen with pictures, which could take some time. Each project, of course, is unique.


When money is tight, screen printing is the option. You can save money and buy your machine, allowing you to buy the next one. It\'s critical to know the difference between these two approaches. A high-quality is a form of art, and few people allow it. You can customize your shirts and beach embroidery digitizing gear to meet your specific demands. You may now make an informed judgment based on the circumstances because you are aware of the differences.

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