Authentic Deep Bass: AXTON Active Subwoofer ATB120QBA

Posted by Andreas Winkler on January 6th, 2022

Active subwoofers are the simplest solution for getting bass in the car, especially when nothing must be changed to the rest of the system. The ATB120QBA, a compact, high-performance and easy to install active bass box is a new addition to the product range of the car audio specialist AXTON ( The German Car & HiFi trade magazine has now thoroughly tested the newcomer in issue 01/22 and is impressed: \"Small, easy to handle and quickly installed: those are the attributes that make an active subwoofer desirable\", is the assessment of the testers, adding \"AXTON presents a perfect example with the ATB120QBA.\" The first thing to catch the attention of the well-respected tech journalists is the installation qualities of the \"super compact\" boss box, which is only 18.5 x 36.5 x 26.5 cm in size: \"The AXTON has the dimensions of a shoe box and does not really take up much space in the trunk. Although it can be quickly disconnected it will probably mostly remain in the car, as it hardly gets in the way when loading and you can also just place things on top of it.\" That the bass box in spite of its top quality configuration could turn out to be so compact, has, say Car & HiFi, to do with the clever design of the \"very well made MDF enclosure\" using the practical down-firing principle: \"The woofer sits in the enclosure floor, with feet providing 2 cm of air space underneath\", explain the testers. \"That is perfectly adequate to let the sound exit unhindered, being no problem at all for the long bass waves.\" The installed 20 cm woofer is thoroughly convincing. \"The fellow in front of us is very well made and cuts no corners\" is the view held by the tech journalists. \"Metal basket and ferrite drive are robustly made. The flat but stiff cone out of woven fiber glass is set in motion by a 38-millimeter voice coil.\" As regards power and performance, the ATB120QBA can even easily hold its own against considerably bigger bass boxes: \"The little amplifier module easily makes almost 100 watts for the woofer\", explain the testers. \"The 2-ohm design is exactly right for getting a lot of power from the circuit, perfectly adequate for the 20 cm woofer in any case.\" In the Car & HiFi sound lab the AXTON active subwoofer also cuts a good figure: \"The acoustic measurement is evidence that the woofer is finely tuned. Thanks to the low resonance of the bass reflex system the amplitude response extends down to below 40 Hz. That is authentic deep bass, and from an enclosure with an internal volume of just 11.5 liters.\" It is not just the \"clean reproduction reaching deep into the frequency basement\" of the ATB120QBA that is able to convince the testers. In the hearing test the little bass box also shows its superiority as regards sound and level. \"The ATB120QBA plays like a genuine cabinet subwoofer, bringing out powerful bass drums. Even with electronic beats it does not give up too soon. The 20 cm woofer sounds at least like a 25 cm one (...). Especially in the mid and upper bass regions the AXTON performs solidly and plays nice punchy bass lines. \"With its build format, the ATB120QBA is perfect for everyday use. A compact subwoofer that does not get in the way and delivers a very mature bass performance with a proper deep bass response\", say the testers in summing up, before their concluding remark: \"A very rewarding bass enhancement\", and awarding the ATB120QBA the \'price / performance: very good\' accolade.

The brand AXTON has been popular with car enthusiasts for almost 30 years. AXTON\'s products are regularly recognized in trade magazines for their high price performance ratio. The range includes amplifiers and various loudspeakers for car retrofitting: component and coaxial systems, bass boxes, and also compact under seat woofers.

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