The importance of a building surveyor Brighton for building safety

Posted by jfab67 on May 7th, 2016

Would you want to stay or work in a building if no one can guarantee its safety? You wouldn’t - no one would. Being trapped inside the rubble of a crashed building is a horrific feeling and you wouldn’t want to experience that in your worst nightmare. The role of a building surveyor Brighton is to ensure that any building, new or old, is safe for inhabitation. A structural engineer Brighton, as the name of such professionals suggests, is involved in the job of assessing the structure of buildings and certify them to be safe or unsafe. Theirs is a highly critical job where no compromises are allowed.

The job of a structural engineer Brighton starts the moment a builder identifies the site for a new construction. A building is as good as its foundation and the structural engineer first has a look at the land (on which the new construction is supposed to happen) and figure out if it can take the load of the building. The building surveyor Brighton prepares a report on their findings. The report is prepared and submitted with the stakeholders irrespective of the assessment. This means that the building surveyor will submit their report even if the foundation is found to be safe.

But what if the foundation is not strong enough? Nothing much - the building surveyor Brighton will submit the report and recommend that the construction not happen on the piece of land. But this is a worst case scenario. What a structural engineer Brighton will do is recommend measures that will ensure that the foundation is safe. This could mean some added constructions at the foundation level, the result of which will be a safe building for inhabiting. If a construction is proposed in a flood zone, the surveyor will make recommendations for actions so that the piece of land is not deemed to be in a flood zone anymore.

Many people associate the job of a building surveyor Brighton with commercial constructions. The fact remains that these people are involved in smaller constructions too. For example, if you are planning to expand your home or make any structural changes to it, you will be asked to consult a structural engineer Brighton. The structural engineer will not just consider the safety aspect of your proposed renovation, but will also cover the legal angle. The Party Wall Act 1996 mandates certain dos and don’ts related to home expansions and renovations and the structural engineer will help you with these too. In short, the engineer will ensure that you don't have any issues, safety or legal or otherwise, when you choose to renovate your home.

You may be thinking if it is easy to hire a building surveyor Brighton. It is indeed easy to find a building surveyor online. Most of the top professionals in this domain have their online footprint and you can find them easily. You will also be able to go through the reviews of a structural engineer Brighton so that you can make a precise hiring decision.

building surveyor Brighton wears many hats. The job of a structural engineer Brightonis to ensure that building safety is not compromised.

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