How To Play The Beer Pong?

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One of the most popular drinking games and the heart of every teenager or any party is Beer Pong. This team sport is even one of the most popular choices for spending your weekend with your friend or family. This makes it mandatory for you to learn how to play beer pong. This game has four major elements of the Beer pong tables, cups, ping pong balls, and of course, Beer!

Well, just having a glance at the element may seem reliving and simple. To enhance the gameplay, most people choose the beer pond table from the Penrith panthers merchandise or any sports team merchandise that you are the biggest fan of.

What Would You Require To Play Beer Pong?

  • Beer Pong Table (of your favourite sports merchandise)
  • 22 party cups (at least)
  • Ping Pong balls (at least two just in case if you lose one)
  • Beverage of your preference (most probably Beer)
  • 2 Teams( at least of 4 people)
  • Encouraging audience

What If The Ideal Setup Of Beer Pong?

Create a pyramid-like formation (10-cup or at least 6 cups) with the same number of cups on each on the rear ends of the table on the opposite side. Such that there is one cup in the first row, two in the second, three in the third row, and the final row would consist of four. Fill in the party cups (halfway) with the beverage (mostly Beer of players’ choice).

The more cups, the more game and enjoyment would last.

The amount of the beverage in the cup could vary depending on the preference of the players. The only thing that one needs to make sure of is that each cup on either side has the same amount of beverage.

What are the Beer Pong Rules?

Each player gets the turn to throw the ball in the opponent’s cup. If you succeed to put the ball in any of the cups, that cup gets eliminated, and the player needs to finish the beverage in the cup. Each team gets two chances to re-rack the cups such that if three or six cups are remaining after the shot, you can rearrange them.

How To Play Beer Pong?

Start enthusiastically, put in all the focus you can to aim the cup—Arc the ball when you are sure. You can either aim the ball directly in the cup or also bounce the ball off such that it ends up in the cup.

Drink the beverage from the cup in which your balls land!

Set the cup that you drank aside and continue the game. Restack the cups if needed during the play. Six cups need to be retracted into a pyramid formation, 4 cups into diamond, 3 cups into a pyramid, and 2 cups in a line.

You would require to continue the game until there is no cup remaining on one side of the table. 

This is an ideal way to play the beer pong; the rules are meant to bend, especially if you are a pro player. And yes, get the Penrith panthers merchandise beer pond table to increase the excitement. 

Source - Save Yourself From Party Embarrassment: Know How To Play Beer Pong

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