Home Nurses: What Are The Advantages?

Posted by Health Heal on January 7th, 2022

Finding a nurse, with the possibility of requesting the services of nursing care at home, patients benefit from more optimized health monitoring.

What are the advantages of using a home nurse?

Often, when you have a loved one bedridden because of their state of health or when you are sick, it is essential to have someone available to help. Therefore, finding a nurse is the ideal option to take charge of medical care and support for a recovering person. Many sufferers prefer to continue their treatment or recovery in the more reassuring setting of their home. The growing numbers of liberal nurses are making this possible.

What is the work of home nurses?

Finding a nursing care at home specialist requires knowledge of the qualifications necessary for this purpose. The latter is a professional person with a State diploma. To practice with this status, she must prove that she has professional experience as a nurse in a hospital structure or an institution. A home care nurse performs, according to their skills, nursing care (grooming, meals, dressing, etc.) and nursing care under the supervision of the attending physician of the person to be cared for, who can either be a convalescent coming out of hospitalization, or \'an old person. Finding a nurse provides a professional who can also coordinate with other medical and paramedical workers (home help services, physiotherapists, doctors, etc.) as part of the overall patient support.

The care provided by the nurse is therefore varied, ranging from care and monitoring of pathologies and medication intake to injections, dressings, infusions, etc. She will also be responsible for reporting the changes in the patient or the elderly and defining the need or not to solicit other health professionals. The home nurse works in close collaboration with other stakeholders in the social and medico-social sector and must know the content and progress of the patient\'s file.

Why ask for a home nurse?

Many people wish to continue care and treatment at home rather than in a hospital environment. To do this, they make sure to find a nurse, an option that has undeniable advantages.

The patient can first enjoy the comfort and privacy of his home, alongside his family. It will be more accessible for relatives and friends who wish to visit it.

In addition, his privacy will be better preserved insofar as he will be more comfortable in an environment to which he is accustomed. The services offered through in home nursing care and the patient\'s activities of daily living will follow a regular schedule. The number of hours and types of care or support services needed will be more flexible than care in the hospital setting.

Finding a nurse means offering yourself care in a more relaxed atmosphere. A friendly bond may even be formed between the patient and the home nurse with whom he spends most of his time. Thanks to this, the patient\'s relatives will be able to get down to their daily activities more serenely. It will be specified that despite the proximity, liberal nurses are bound by professional obligations, including respect for private life and respect for the needs of the patient or the elderly if this does not compromise their state of health or does not represent any risk. They do not have the right to create bonds of intimacy with the people in their care.

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