Rugged Waterproof Smartphone - A Worth Buying

Posted by AMIT PARMAR on May 7th, 2016

People who spend a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities and sports will find a rugged waterproof smartphone handy for their needs. This type of smart phone is worth buying if you want a more durable mobile phone that can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. High-quality rugged waterproof smartphones work just like any other popular model of smartphones in the market, but they are designed with more robust bodies that can easily survive impacts, shaking, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. Moreover, they can effectively keep water out, even if you accidentally drop them in water or snow. 

A rugged waterproof smartphone can be worthy investment to water and extreme sports enthusiasts. Likewise, it can be a handy device for people who work in extreme environments, such as construction sites and mines. The phone lets you stay in touch with people who matter, connect you to business contacts, do research, and tackle some business matters, even if you use it in areas that can usually damage a regular smartphone. This type of smartphone offers superior shock and dust resistance. 

High-quality rugged waterproof smartphones are made to conform to the IP68 industry standard. A basic model would weigh a little over 7.5 ounces, and this weight is attributed to its rugged durability and toughness. You can use it just like how you would use a regular smartphone. The best ones run on Android 4.4 and come with 2G, 3G, and 4G capability. Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth are standard in rugged waterproof smartphones. They come with sensors like the light sensor, proximity, and g-sensor. 

A rugged waterproof smartphone is for people who love the outdoors and extreme sports. It can be convenient for parents and caregivers that look after toddlers and very young children who might play with their smartphones. With a rugged and waterproof smartphone, they would not have to worry about getting their phone damaged in case it gets submerged in water, thrown at something, or dropped on the floor. 

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This article is written by Amit Parmar, the Director of Diamond Electricalz Ltd. Diamond Electricalz Ltd is an online specialist distributor for retailers, selling rugged phones, cases, watches, Bluetooth accessories, tablets, and power banks at wholesale prices.

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