Is kidney transplant successful in India?

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Kidney transplantation is proven to be the treatment of choice for several people with severe chronic kidney illness because the quality of life and life expectancy is often better than in people treated with dialysis. Nevertheless, there is a deficit of organs available for donation. Many people who require kidney transplantation have to be put on a transplant waiting list and undergo dialysis until a kidney is available.

A kidney can be received from a relative, an unrelated person, or someone who has died (deceased or cadaver donor); only a single kidney is needed to survive. In general, organs from existing donors perform better and for more extended periods than deceased donors.

Some people with kidney failure can not become applicants for a kidney transplant. The older age and severe heart or vascular disease may mean that it is safer to continue the treatment with dialysis preferably than undergo kidney transplantation. Other conditions that might hinder a person from being eligible for kidney transplantation include:

?Active or recently healed cancer

?A chronic ailment that could lead to death within a few years


?Poorly managed mental illness

?Inability to recollect to take medications

?Current drug or alcohol abuse

?Account of poor compliance with medications or dialysis treatments

?Inadequate or no health insurance

Some people with HIV infection may be suitable for kidney transplantation if their disease is well controlled.

People with other medical conditions are assessed case-by-case basis to decide if kidney transplantation is an option.

Transplantation of the kidney is the treatment of choice for many people with end-stage kidney disease. A successful kidney transplant can improve your life quality and reduce your risk of death. In extension, people who get kidney transplantation do not need hours of dialysis treatment. Ideally, patients who are qualified to acquire a kidney transplant do so before starting dialysis.

After kidney transplantation, you will be asked to take medications and will be kept under frequent monitoring as it is needed to minimize the chance of organ rejection. This has to continue for your entire lifetime. The medications can have notable side effects, including an increased risk of severe infections, diabetes, and cancers.

Kidney transplants have a success rate of 90-95 % in India, which is a very high success rate.

At Kingsway Hospitals the best multispeciality hospital in nagpur, the Kidney Transplant department endeavours to render outstanding patient care, conduct advanced research and education programs. Our surgeons employ innovative and highly advanced technologies such as 

  • Modular OTs with HEPA filters

  • Dedicated Transplant ICU with 1:1 patient nurse ratio

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Well trained paramedical staff

  • 24X7 Laboratory, Radiology, OT support

  • Physiotherapy team for post operate rehabilitation

  • Dietetics department for post transplant diet plan.

 to treat patients successfully with diseases like kidney failure. The team of kidney transplants comprising of Dr Prakash Khetan (Nephrologist), Dr Shivnarayan Acharya (Nephrologist) and  Dr Vishal Ramteke (Nephrologist) are highly skilled in Kidney transplantation. The transplant team also addresses the health needs of the patients and their family members.

If you require assistance or guidance over kidney transplants, contact us on 07126789100 for the best support. 

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