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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

When you find yourself in the midst of credit card debt, you may wonder if there is any way to pay off your balances without accruing so much interest and becoming trapped in what seems an inescapable cycle. If you can go online, visit the America Express website at http://www.americanexpress.com to see what they have to say about credit card debt consolidation. The American Express credit card offers a six month period without credit card interest. This means that if you transfer your balances from your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards, you will not accrue any interest on these balances. You only receive one statement and deal with one company for all your cards.


Credit card debt consolidation lowers your monthly payments, which means that you will be paying out less each month than you have been. This is great news for those people with high monthly bills. You will have more access to cash and be able to apply that money either to the principle of our debt or to other needs.

The American Express credit card would be the only card you carry. So you would receive only one statement each month. If you are paying forty dollars on three credit cards right now, then you pay a total of one hundred and twenty dollars each month. A lot of that money goes to pay off the interest you are accruing on each card. So the principle balance keeps growing. When you transfer your balances to American Express, you are only responsible for the one payment each month. If this payment were forty dollars, for example, you would have freed up eighty dollars. Using this eighty dollars to pay on the American Express bill and therefore on the principle balances of your other cards is advisable, but not necessary.

Your credit card debt will disappear a lot faster if it is not accruing interest and growing in size each month. With the American Express card, the credit card interest is suspended for six months, offering you a grace period in which to catch up with your bills. You will also receive no interest on any other credit card purchases you make in the initial interest free time period.

In addition, by transferring your debt to an American Express credit card, you will get a better interest rate. The basic American Express credit card offers an interest rate of 4.99% on your balance transfers. This low rate takes effect after the six month trial period ends. It also lasts for the life of the card, meaning that it is a fixed credit card interest rate.


There are some drawbacks to transferring credit card debt onto one card with an interest free trial period. You must remember that the interest will go up after the trial period is up. Be prepared to pay on the interest you accrue and have your debt disappear at a slower rate once the interest sets in. For purchases, your interest rate will continue to climb if you are late with payments or go over your credit limit.

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