Why Golf Courses Need Outdoor Golf Clocks?

Posted by Chomko LA on January 11th, 2022

Golf courses need clocks and they need them in dozens. Here we will describe why a golf course needs so many of them. The game of golf is played on turfgrass laid out on nearly 150 acres of land. The contemporary golf course containing 18-holes averagely occupies 150 acres out of which 100 acres are maintained grass and the rest comprising of rough, and fairways. The course consists of a series of holes each with a tee box, a rough and a fairway along with other hazards like bunkers, water bodies, wooded forests, non-turf grass landscape, buildings, parking lot, and so on. A regular round of golf course consists of 18 holes and each hole has the same landscape mentioned above. The smaller golf course or a subset will have 9-holes that are played twice to make up for the 18-holes. A golf course can be private, municipally managed or public. Outdoor golf clocks help the management to maintain the decorum and functionality of the golf course.

A school like a golf course will need clock and bell systems. The setup is as rambling as a golf course only a school is made up of several buildings. This also makes it necessary for the school management to install several dozen clocks at strategic points and classrooms along with school bells. The latest school bell system is powered by the latest school bell software which instructs the system to activate bells according to a school timetable. By inducing them you avoid delayed ringing of bells and also employing a person for the purpose. The bell software can be loaded into your office computer and make it easy for the administration to control school timings and classroom schedules.

Golf course clocks are the timekeepers as you can see them deployed over the greens and easily visible owing to their bigger dial. The modern golf clocks are more practical and are self-sustained for power and time. These are automated systems that show accurate time throughout the green without help from humans. The solar clocks are especially suited to the outdoor environment as they will soak in the sun and convert it into energy for the clock mechanism. A Street clock is the same as a golf course clock as both pertain to outdoor use. Street clocks are ornamental and are self-sustained for a time as they come fitted with GPS. You can opt for either electrically operated clocks or solar-powered. Solar-powered clocks however may not light up during the night. 


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